From Lo-Fi To Mo-Fi: Blue’s New Powered Headphones

For DJ/producers wanting the best possible sound, Mo-Fi aims to make digital files sound as good as possible, from any device.

Blue – better known to us as Blue Microphones, makers of our favourite podcasting microphone, the Spark Digital, has launched what it’s calling a revolution in headphones: Mo-Fi Powered Hi-Fi Headphones, with a built-in headphone amp.

Review & Video: V-Moda XS On-Ear Headphones

V-Moda XS

The V-Moda XS is the company’s first on-ear headphone. In today’s review, we ask whether it is suitable for DJing, and if so, does that combined with its practical size make it the best all-rounder headphone from the company yet?

Review & Video: Zomo HD-2500 Pro DJ Headphones

The Zomo HD-2500s are a modern design, durable and attractive. But how well do they do in a DJing situation? We find out in our full Zomo HD-2500 review...

The Zomo HD-2500s are a good-looking, modern DJ headphone coming in at a decent price point for a “pro” model. But how do they stand up to the rigours of the DJ booth? We find out in our Zomo HD-2500 review.

Review & Video: Nocs NS900 DJ Headphones


Today we’re looking at a DJ headphone aimed at the top end of the market from über-cool Swedish company Nocs. The Nocs NS900 Live headphones are as understated as they are premium, giving up their desirability slowly.

Over To You: Best DJ Headphones On A Tight Budget?

Sennheiser HD201

Digital DJ Tips reader Harry writes: “I have a gig coming up in around 30 days and quite frankly my headphones are awful. I want headphones that will stay good and useful for a year at least. I want to only spend around £30. Can you help?”

Review & Video: Reloop RHP-30 Professional DJ Headphones

Reloop RHP-30

The Reloop RHP-30 DJ headphones are utilitarian, minimalistic and yet sturdy and comfortable at the same time. With lots of metal and rubber, they also feel high quality. In this RHP-30 review, we find out if they make the grade.

AKG K67 Tïesto DJ Headphones Review & Video


When superstar DJ Tïesto put his name to a range of headphones from respected Austrian manufacturer AKG, it was obviously going to be worth us taking a look, and we’ve got the K67s here today for a review, these being the cheapest of the three models. Priced at US$79, they’re not exactly “cheap”, but it’s a reasonable amount to pay for a half-decent pair of DJ headphones.