10 Technical Errors You May Not Know You’re Making

We all make mistakes. However, some of the technical mistakes that DJs make are completely avoidable. They will cost you bookings and a whole load of embarrassment if you don't nip them in the bud as soon as possible. In this article we will cover the most common technical errors DJs make that are easily avoidable.

Get Traktor Pro 2 Free When You Buy A Kontrol X1 Or Z1

Native Instruments recently announced that it's giving away Traktor Pro 2 software to folk who buy either the Traktor Kontrol X1 or the Traktor Kontrol Z1 before 30 June 2017. This is a sweet deal for anyone looking to upgrade their gear or add to their existing DJ controller arsenal.

Your Questions: Should I Switch From Serato To Traktor?

Digital DJ Tips reader Karlton writes: "All the DJs I am hanging with (including my mentor), are telling me to jump the Serato ship and 'move up' to Traktor. They say it will make life easier behind the decks while performing because it locks into the beat better than Serato does..."

Act Now! $70 Off New Serato, Traktor & Virtual DJ Courses

Want to finally get fully to grips with your DJ software, whether that's Serato DJ, Traktor Pro or Virtual DJ? Then check out these THREE major new DJ courses from Digital DJ Tips, thagt will help you unlock the mysteries of your DJ software, whatever your ability.

Review & Video: Deckadance 2.5 DJ Software

Deckadance is one of those DJ apps that's been around for a while - it started almost 10 years ago under Image-Line, maker of the popular FL Studio digital audio workstation. In this review we take a look at Deckadance 2.5, which is the first version to be released after being acquired by Stanton DJ.

Review & Video: UltraMixer 5S Pro Entertain DJ Software

I'm willing to bet you've never heard of UltraMixer, a German DJ app for PC and Mac. It's actually been around for many years, but has recently upped its game with new versions and many modern hardware integrations. If you're a DJ/entertainer, or a karaoke/video DJ, this may be what you've been looking for.

Review & Video: Pioneer Rekordbox DJ Software

When it comes to DJ software, there have traditionally been three big names - Serato, Traktor and Virtual DJ. But now a newcomer has arrived, with the potential to become the biggest of them all. Rekordbox DJ, from Pioneer DJ, offers software DJs a viable fourth alternative to the "big three".