Over To You: Which Windows Laptop Should I Buy for DJing?


Digital DJ Tips member Tito Pacheco writes: “I’m in the process of upgrading my laptop and will soon have the new Traktor Kontrol S8 which comes with Traktor Pro 2. I’ve been looking at the Envy 17 by HP and prefer Windows as my OS (touchscreen not necessary). Just want advice on whether this is a good choice.”

9 Tips For Juggling A Day Job With DJing

DJ career

Do I focus on making my mark in the corporate world, or do I dedicate my entire life to music and DJing? I’m here today because I chose the latter, but I could’ve gone on for a while longer (and probably avoided that burnout!) had I done the things that I’ve listed for you below.

5 Ways DJing Can Help You With Your Day Job


It’s amazing how much the lessons I learned in a club as a DJing helped when I got my “real” career outside DJing. In fact, I highly recommend DJing as a great training program for any type of creative career… and it’s a hell of a lot more fun than most internships.

Review & Video: Wicked Audio Solus Headphones


In the same ballpark as the hideously expensive but high quality Dr Dre models, the fashion-led Skullcandy brand, and the previously-reviewed sharply styled Aerial7 offerings, the Wicked Audio Solus Headphones are designed for street and for DJing, and specially for folk who don’t mind making a point of wearing them.

Your Questions: Why Does Everyone Use Macs For DJing?

The ubiquitous backlit Apple... but is it necessary to use a Mac for DJing? Pic: Decal Bandit

Digital DJ Tips reader Felipe writes: “I’m a Colombian follower and a few days ago I started looking for a post to help me buy a new laptop. I can’t understand why everybody uses a Mac for DJing.”

5 Easy Steps To DJing With Live Musicians


Do you ever wish you had the opportunity to DJ with live musicians? To get your crowd just as excited as when attending a live concert? Here’s exactly how to go about DJing with musicians.

Over To You: Which Windows Laptop Is Best For DJing?

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OK, here’s the deal. We’ve got some exciting new DJ courses coming up soon to add to How To Digital DJ Fast, and we’re going to start filming shortly. As well as new video lights and mics, we’ve also decided we need a Windows laptop. But which Windows laptop for DJing should we choose?