Are You Guilty Of Outrageous DJ Behaviour?

Some of us DJs of course are impeccably behaved at all times. But some? Well, the story we’re leading with today is proof of what can happen when a DJ gives in to temptation. Our question on this New Year’s Day to you is: Are you also guilty of behaving badly?

5 Things To Consider When Buying A Windows PC For DJing

Digital DJ Masterclass VIP member James asked this question in a recent coaching webinar: “Do you have other recommendations regarding laptops than Apple? Where should I put attention to regarding tech specs?” In today’s post, we give five recommendations.

Our Core Values #2: DJing Is for Everyone

One of the things we totally hate here at Digital DJ Tips in any endeavour is the “closed shop metality”. It’s the self-appointed “establishment” putting up barriers to entry to protect their little corner. It’s people saying “you’ll never do it,” because most of the time what they’re really saying is: “I’m just scared you’ll succeed.”

Review: Tuna Knobs Stick-On Knobs For Touchscreens

A tiny Dutch company drew massive attention last year for a Kickstarter-funded project that promised physical knobs for your touchscreen device. Called Tuna Knobs, the small plastic knobs are fitted with suction cups for sticking on your iOS or Android device so you can finally tweak knobs instead of dragging with your fingers.

Over To You: Which Windows Laptop Should I Buy for DJing?

Digital DJ Tips member Tito Pacheco writes: “I’m in the process of upgrading my laptop and will soon have the new Traktor Kontrol S8 which comes with Traktor Pro 2. I’ve been looking at the Envy 17 by HP and prefer Windows as my OS (touchscreen not necessary). Just want advice on whether this is a good choice.”

9 Tips For Juggling A Day Job With DJing

Do I focus on making my mark in the corporate world, or do I dedicate my entire life to music and DJing? I’m here today because I chose the latter, but I could’ve gone on for a while longer (and probably avoided that burnout!) had I done the things that I’ve listed for you below.

5 Ways DJing Can Help You With Your Day Job

It’s amazing how much the lessons I learned in a club as a DJing helped when I got my “real” career outside DJing. In fact, I highly recommend DJing as a great training program for any type of creative career… and it’s a hell of a lot more fun than most internships.