Review & Video: DJUCED 40 DJ Software

When someone mentions DJ software, I’m willing to bet the first thing on your mind won’t be “DJUCED 40”. Like other laptop DJ apps that aren’t top of mind, it’s easy to dismiss them - after all, what can they possibly do that isn’t already covered by the big names? In the case of DJUCED 40, there are quite a bit. Let's dive in...

[NAMM 2016] Hercules Launches DJUCED 40 3.0

Hercules just launched the latest version of its DJUCED 40 software here at NAMM 2016. Now at version 3.0, the update brings a new interface and features aimed squarely at controllerists and DJs who like to incorporate live sample and loop playback to their performances.

[NAMM 2016] Hercules P32 DJ Controller & DJUCED 40 3.0 Software

With DJ software makers persistently trying to move DJs away from the "play one tune then another" paradigm into a different type of creativity, Hercules has jumped into the fray with the Hercules DJ P32, a new pad-based DJ controller, just launched here at NAMM 2016.

Review & Video: Hercules DJ Control Instinct With DJUCED Software

Back in 2004, I was asked to review the very first Hercules DJ controller – one of the first DJ controllers ever made – which was a tiny device not dissimilar in looks to the Hercules DJ Control Instinct, reviewed here. How does the Hercules DJ Control Instinct shape up in today's very different world?

Hercules Announces Bargain Basement DJControl Instinct

Hercules today announced the second controller to use the company's own DJUCED software, the DJControl Instinct, which at €99 is priced extremely low for a controller with software and a built-in sound card.

Review: Hercules DJ Control AIR DJ Controller

My, how things have moved on. Sat on our workbench is the Hercules Dj Control AIR, a DJ controller with built-in audio, touch-sensitive jogwheels, eight velocity-sensitive performance pads, integrated software that includes sampling, effects, looping and recording, on-board library management, and an "air" sensor for altering the mix using your hand through the air.