Did You Know We Have All These DJ Courses?

Did you know that Digital DJ Tips is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading resources for original, high-quality, online DJ training?

The Two Simple Secrets Of Every Successful DJ

DJing success isn't about rolling the dice, it's about deciding how you're going to play the game, and how you're going to deal with the voice inside that says 'you can't do this...

Our Top 10 DJ Training Articles 2012

Digital DJ Tips is here to help you learn to DJ – it’s right there in the masthead. So alongside all the news, reviews, show reports, letters and gossip, since the start we’ve made it our business to publish as much actionable DJ training on the site as we can. Here are out Top 10 training posts of 2012.

10 Commandments For Better Digital DJing, #3

Did you know that according to our reader survey, more than half of you classify yourselves as “bedroom DJs”? That’s great (we’ve all got to practise somewhere), as long as all that practice leads to playing real DJ sets in front of an audience. And that’s what today’s rule is all about.

10 Commandments For Better Digital DJing, #2

We had a great response to our first commandment yesterday, and your comments together with our guidelines are, we hope, going to build into the definitive manifesto for how to "do" digital DJing. Without obeying today's commandment, new digital DJs are doomed to never be better than the DJs who have come before them. Here it is:

10 Commandments For Better Digital DJing, #1

We started Digital DJ Tips in order to help you to DJ properly with digital DJ gear, and thanks to all your feedback, we've distilled all the skills needed to DJ successfully in the post-vinyl age into "ten commandments". Every day for the next 10 days, we'll publish one of those commandments on the blog. Here's the first one...

How To Play Your First Digital DJ Set

Your first digital DJ set in public is going to be nerve-racking. Like a good theme park ride, you'll probably hate it... till the moment it stops and you scream "again"! Here are seven tips to help make sure you do a good job, and hopefully even manage to enjoy it (a bit)...