Chop & Slice Sounds With Blocs Wave

Blocs, creators of the Blocs Wave loop creation and music making app for iPhone and iPad, just launched a new version of it. Blocs Wave now comes with Slice mode that lets you chop up and layer portions of loops, samples, and even recordings that you've made.

Serato Releases Free Pyro Music App, Redefines Shuffle

Serato just launched Pyro, an free iOS music playlist app aimed squarely at consumers (ie non-DJs). It can automatically arrange songs in a playlist according to how well they'd go together, and then you can leave it running throughout the entire party as it seamlessly mixes all the tunes you've picked.

Review: Tuna Knobs Stick-On Knobs For Touchscreens

A tiny Dutch company drew massive attention last year for a Kickstarter-funded project that promised physical knobs for your touchscreen device. Called Tuna Knobs, the small plastic knobs are fitted with suction cups for sticking on your iOS or Android device so you can finally tweak knobs instead of dragging with your fingers.

Review & Video: Lemur Touchscreen Software Controller for iPad

Lemur for the iPad lets you program your dream Midi controller on the iPad's touchscreen surface. It can control virtually any DJ/production software, and you can download mappings or program yourself from scratch. It offers awesome potential for the adventurous digital DJ.

Review & Video: Pacemaker DJ App For iPad

Pacemaker may have arrived at a solution to the problem of portable storage space while heralding the future of streaming, subscription based digital DJing that some pundits have casually mentioned since the advent of cloud computing.

How To Use An iPad As A DVS System

Well who’d have thought it? The humble iPad, the butt of many DJs jokes has grown into a truly capable DJing platform, with DVS and everything! Here's how to do it

Review & Video: Junglator App for iPhone

This week sees the launch of a new app aimed squarely at the drum & bass enthusiast, called Junglator, that lets you mix and mash up tunes using just your iPhone.