Sketch Tunes On-The-Go With Groovebox

Groovebox, free all-in-one studio app for both the iPhone and iPad, has just been released. It features two synthesisers and a drum machine, making it a useful tool for producers to quickly sketch out musical ideas on-the-go, and also for DJs who want to dabble in production.

Drum On The Go With Melodics Controller's New Offline Mode

Melodics, the app that aims to teach you finger drumming and help hone your skills, has just updated its Melodics Pad Controller app for iOS. The main development here is that the drum sounds from the most popular Melodics lessons can now be used in a new “offline mode” for finger drum practice on the go.

Pulselocker To Add iOS App For Playlisting On The Move

Pulselocker - the subscription streaming music service available within Serato and Pioneer DJ software - has just teased its forthcoming iOS app. This is the only screenshot we have, but the app will clearly offers users the ability to explore, work on playlists, and preview music right from their phones.

Snapchat For DJs: 4 Tips To Get Started Today

Snapchat is the latest social media platform to take the internet by storm. Wouldn't you like a head start in building a following on the next big social media service where you can engage with and grow your fanbase? Here are four ways to get started on Snapchat right now.

Review & Video: Cross DJ Pro 3.1 For iOS

Mixvibes has been developing its Cross DJ mobile software for a while now: we first reviewed it in 2012 when iOS DJing was in its infancy. We're currently at version 3.1, and it's come a long way from the gradient-filled, powerful (though overwhelming) interface. Let's take a look at what's new...

Bangers Lets You Remix Big Tunes On The Go

Bangers is a new iOS video game that's just been launched, based around remixing big dance tunes. Think of it as Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but for DJ/producers who are into commercial dance music. It's got tracks from superstars like Skrillex and Martin Garrix, plus other songs that you can mash together.

djay Pro Wins Apple Award For Supporting Blind DJs

Algoriddim, creators of djay, just won an Apple Design 2016 award for a new feature in djay Pro that lets the visually impaired use it. When VoiceOver is activated in djay Pro, users can hear a description of any control that they tap on the djay Pro interface.