Review & Video: Vestax V-Midi Interface For iOS DJs

Vestax’s V-Midi not only does it solve the lack of Midi issue for owners of iPhones and iPod Touches, but goes a stage further, adding a high quality stereo audio output too. We take a closer look...

DJ Player 5.5: DVS Arrives For iPad By Christmas

Rapidly becoming the iOS power user’s DJ software of choice, DJ Player is about to cement that position with the imminent release of v5.5, which brings digital vinyl control to users of the software on iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Review & Video: vjay For iPhone & iPod touch

Back in June this year, vjay for iPad grabbed our attention with its clever pairing of a djay-style interface with powerful video mixing on an iPad. Pretty impressively, with vjay for iPhone & iPod Touch, maker Algoriddim has now managed to streamline the vjay app interface to work on a much smaller screen

Review: djay 1.6 for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch

We review Algoriddim's djay 1.6 for iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch, where improvements include dual stereo outputs, in-app iTunes store, and a better library.

3 New Ways To Listen To Music On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

if you're an iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch user, there's a much wider choice than just the standard and rather uninspiring Music app to choose from when it comes to auditioning your DJ collection. Here are three alternative music library apps that will help you to get to know your tunes as well as you can in-between DJ gigs...

Review: Future DJ For iPhone & iPod Touch

DJing on your iDevice as we’re finding out isn’t all about Algoriddim’s djay, great though it is – there are many other programs vying for your attention. The Future DJ app has been in the app store for almost a year now and curiously seems to get little notice; so today I’m setting out to find out if it’s a hidden gem.

First DJ Controller for iPad & iPhone Arrives: No Laptop Required

Numark’s new iDJ Live DJ controller is the first hardware DJ device specifically designed for iPad and iPhone. Using algoriddim’s djay software, it means that for the first time you can now turn your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad into a fully functioning hardware DJ system.