Beatport Pro Now Lets You Filter Songs By Key

Beatport announced over the weekend an update to its Beatport Pro online music store: You can now filter songs, genres, and artist releases by musical key, allowing you to make purchase decisions based on your harmonic mixing needs.

Your Questions: Traktor Key Mixing Vs Mixed In Key

Digital DJ Tips member Rayanaldo writes: "I’m fairly familiar with manually mixing in key. Then I discovered Mixed in Key. Awesome! Then Traktor came out with the key detection feature, even better! Only problem is while there are a few tutorials that explains how to mix using Traktor key notation, most if not all explain it using major minor sharps so and so forth."

5 Reasons Why Every Digital DJ Should Mix In Key

Mixing in key is one of the big revolutions of digital DJing - alongside things like portability, ease of use, and instant access to all of your music. But of all of these huge advantages of digital over analogue, maybe key mixing is the one that gives DJs the most pleasure.

Your Questions: Am I Relying On Key Mixing Too Much?

Digital DJ Tips reader David writes about his DJing: "I think I’m focusing too much on getting the key changes right, whilst wanting to get some specific tunes in… am I over complicating it? Should I just let the music do the talking?"