6 Reasons Why There's Never Been A Better Time To Start DJing

It used to be the case that everyone grew up wanting to be a football player or in a band. Today, it is more likely to be a football player or a DJ, and I hate to break it to you kids, but unless you are the right build and have enough natural ability, you ain’t going to be a pro football player.

Coming Soon! Free Digital DJ Masterclass Training Event 2016

Heads up everyone! This is to let you know that we've set the dates for this year's Digital DJ Masterclass Free Training event. Now in its third year, this hugely popular week of videos, downloads, webinars, Q&A sessions and more reveals our proven formula for moving your DJing to pro level on ANY digital gear - while having a lot of fun.

Get Free DJ Training At Our BPM Show Sessions This Weekend

For the first time, Digital DJ Tips is hosting its own room at the BPM Show , with five learning sessions to help you with everything from playing a warm-up DJ set to breaking into radio, making mixtapes, and getting DJ bookings. Plus, we're hosting an additional two sessions across the rest of the show.

Your Questions: Are DJ Courses Worth Doing?

For our weekend post, Digital DJ Tips member T Simpson writes: "I will admit I have never really taken the time to look at a DJ course but I thought the best way to learn is through trial and error. Am I being old fashioned here or would you say there is a genuine benefit from doing a course?"

Creating Killer Promotional Materials, Part 4: Flyers

Today I want to dive into proper flyer design and hopefully help you build better advertising for your events. I'll show you mistakes many make and how to get the most for your time and/or money...regardless if you design them yourself or hire someone to do it.

Did You Know We Have All These DJ Courses?

Did you know that Digital DJ Tips is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading resources for original, high-quality, online DJ training?

Over To You: What Type Of Gear Should I Start On?

Digital DJ Tips reader Noah writes: “So, I’m a start up female DJ and I have been going through your videos and asking my DJ friends what to do or buy for my first time."

Controller Clinic #24: Confused About My First Step Into Digital

Digital DJ Tips reader Dinn writes: “Hey, I’ve been producing dubstep and electro for about two years but have never DJed. I’ve been trying to decide what gear is best for this new movement away from the traditional style of DJing with CDJs and everything.

The Two Simple Secrets Of Every Successful DJ

DJing success isn't about rolling the dice, it's about deciding how you're going to play the game, and how you're going to deal with the voice inside that says 'you can't do this...

5 Ways To Tell If Your Crowd Has Had A Good Time

Sometimes it's obvious your crowd has had a good time. Packed dancefloor, screaming girls, sweaty faces, a sea of movement, colour and smiles. It's what all DJs dream of, and we never forget it when we get it. But not all gigs are like this...