[NAMM 2017] Video: Magma Vektor DJ Laptop Stand

Magma now has its own take on the style of stand popularised by Crane all those years ago, called the Vektor. It folds up small, is reassuringly solid, and has thick (bright red) rubber tubular "feet" to keep it steady. Take a closer look in our talkthrough video.

Two Very Different Ways To Protect Your DJ Gear

It's a false economy to buy an expensive DJ controller, and head out to gigs without thinking about how you're going to protect it. In this article and video, we'll look at two very different solutions illustrating the two ends of the protection spectrum, namely the Magma CTRL case, and the Magma DJ Controller Hard Case.

Review & Video: Magma Riot Headphone Bag Pro

My, how headphones bags have come on! First there were flimsy slip-type bags, then manufacturers started making round versions that could fit a bit more than just headphones in... but now, the Magma Headphone Bag Pro is the most comprehensive take on the idea yet, with room for much more than just your 'phones.

Review & Video: Magma Riot Carry-On Trolley

It's a perennial problem for digital DJs: You have a gig you need to take a plane to, and you want to take your own gear, but you don't want to put it in the hold of the aircraft. So you're going to be looking at carrying it on as hand luggage. Enter the Magma Riot Carry-On Trolley, a DJ/producer trolley bag designed for just that purpose.

Review & Video: Magma CTRL Case For Akai Pro AMX/AFX

Cases are cases, right? Well, maybe (although some definitely are better than others), but we wanted to cover this little case today because it's for what is turning out to be a very popular brace of controllers (the Akai Pro AMX and Akai Pro AFX), and it has a nice little twist giving it a "double life". Let's find out more...

Review & Video: Magma CTRL Case For Traktor Kontrol S8

If you're going to spend the not insignificant sum required to take ownership of a Traktor Kontrol S8, not protecting it in any way would be a trifle silly. And while the box that comes with it will do the job for a short while, in the end you'll want a case. The Magma CTRL Case for the S8 could be your solution.

Magma Releases Next Generation Controllers Cases

Magma has just released three new models in its CTRL-Case line. Built to spec for the Numark NV, Traktor Kontrol S8, and the Akai AMX / AFX modular controllers, the cases are zippered clamshells that have a foam-lined interior.