Musikmesse 2015: Akai Pro Advance 25 & 61 Keyboards

Just like the Numark NV and Traktor Kontrol S8 got screens right where DJs want them, Akai Pro's Advance keyboards take the same idea and apply it to the kind of keyboards DJ/producers may well want to get their hands on, too. Here, the screen offers a powerful new way to organise and perform with your plugins.

Esoteric Versus Custom Midi Controller Launched

An esoteric and expensive Traktor controller has just been announced, called Versus. It's got eight faders, a smattering of buttons, four FX knobs and two browse knobs, transport controls, Midi connectivity, and a bunch of other controls you need to take extensive four-deck USB control of Traktor - but no jogwheels or sound card.

NAMM 2013: Livid Base Midi Controller Launched

Livid Base was today announced ahead of the NAMM Show 2013, the first pressure sensitive controller from the company – part pad controller, part touchscreen-inspired, with 32 pressure-sensitive pads, nine touch sliders, eight touch-sensitive buttons, and eight momentary buttons.

Over To You: Can I Add A Controller To Traktor Just For Effects?

Digital DJ Tips reader Perry writes: “I use Traktor Pro to DJ with, alongside my Kontrol S2 controller and laptop, and while DJing I find it hard to easily vary the effects I can use. If I’m honest, the S2 just doesn’t give me enough options for controlling effects within Traktor. So I am writing to you today to asking if there are any external controller units that integrate with Traktor "

Review & Video: QuNeo 3D Multitouch Pad Controller

Want a controller with a difference? They don't get more different than the QuNeo 3D Multitouch Pad Controller. The same size as an iPad and weighing just 14oz, this beautifully made Midi controller can give you a wide degree hardware control over your DJ software on your laptop or iPad (via USB or OSC), with LED feedback that's so god it makes the unit basically irresistible.

Review & Video: American Audio VMS4.1 Controller & Standalone Mixer

On paper, the American Audio VMS4, which the VMS4.1 that we're reviewing today replaces, looked like a real bargain. But while some loved it, for many it was ultimately - despite its metal and rubber, workmanlike externals and plethora of controls - just a bit too flaky. Does the latest version fix the issues? We find out...

Video: Denon DJ SC3900 Digital Turntable & Midi Controller

At Musikmesse 2012 a week or so ago we snagged a private talkthrough of the SC3900, Denon DJ's latest spinning platter controller. Watch our exclusive talkthrough in today's video.