Mixed In Key 7 Brings Auto Cue Points For Serato & Traktor


The latest version of popular key analysis app Mixed In Key has just been released. Mixed in Key 7 brings automatic cue point creation for Serato and Traktor, automatic playlists based on energy level, and a more streamlined and simple workflow,

Make Mashups From Your Sofa With iMashup 3


iMashup from Mixed In Key just got better, with the latest version (iMashup 3) offering hugely improved speed over the older versions, and now with the ability to save your mashups to Dropbox, Mail and AirDrop.

Mixed In Key Mashup 2.0 Makes DJ Re-Edits Easier Than Ever


Making mashups, re-edit and home-made remixes just got a whole lot easier as Mixed In Key released Mashup 2.0, the biggest revision of this popular DJ-focused editing package since it hit the market last year.

Mixed In Key Flow DJ Software Launched: Try It For Free!


Mixed In Key has launched its new DJ software, Flow, which aims to both simplify and improve on the traditional two-deck workflow of mixing DJs – and you can try it for free.

First Look & Video: New DJ Software From Mixed In Key


Announced last week and now in private beta, Mixed In Key’s new DJ software promises to bring some of Mixed In Key’s existing technologies, plus a healthy dose of new thinking, to the DJ software arena. We’ve spent a weekend playing with it, and today can give you some first thoughts.

Your Questions: Is It Still Worth Using Mixed In Key?


Digital DJ Tips reader Bass Action writes: “It is apparent that a vast portion of your fans, followers, and newsletter readers are Traktor users. Many of these users also used Mixed in Key or other various key detection software. I guess the obvious question is should we use Mixed in Key because it is more accurate […]

Your Questions: Am I Relying On Key Mixing Too Much?

Software such as Mixed In Key has popularised harmonic mixing for DJs, but it's not the only way to slice and dice your music for your DJ sets.

Digital DJ Tips reader David writes about his DJing: “I think I’m focusing too much on getting the key changes right, whilst wanting to get some specific tunes in… am I over complicating it? Should I just let the music do the talking?”