First Look: Odesi App From Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key just released Odesi, a music composition tool for you browser (comes with a Mac companion app, PC forthcoming) that sets out to help DJs and producers get started on writing hit dance tracks. It takes a fresh approach to the subject, by “crowdsourcing” data from previous hits to help you come up with ideas.

Review & Video: Mixed In Key Flow 8 Deck DJ Software

First released two years ago, Flow brought a lot of new ideas to how DJs should DJ with electronic music in software. Now it’s back, with a host of new innovations – not least the ability to DJ from eight decks, and to use Stems files. If you’ve got a Mac or a PC and are interested in trying something new in DJ software, read on…

BPM 2015: Play Stems On Any Controller With Mixed In Key Flow 8 Deck

One of the most interesting pieces of software news ahead of this year’s BPM Show is the release of Flow 8 Deck from Mixed in Key. Among its many innovative and interesting features, it’s the first DJ software that lets you play Stems files on practically any DJ controller.

Is It Time For DJs To Ditch iTunes?

With the latest iTunes 12.2 update swinging firmly towards streaming media and reportedly breaking more than a few users’ local music libraries along the way, the outcry against the program among DJs is louder than ever. So today we’re asking: Is it now time for DJs to ditch using iTunes altogether in their music preparation?

Beatport Pro Now Lets You Filter Songs By Key

Beatport announced over the weekend an update to its Beatport Pro online music store: You can now filter songs, genres, and artist releases by musical key, allowing you to make purchase decisions based on your harmonic mixing needs.

Mixed In Key 7 Brings Auto Cue Points For Serato & Traktor

The latest version of popular key analysis app Mixed In Key has just been released. Mixed in Key 7 brings automatic cue point creation for Serato and Traktor, automatic playlists based on energy level, and a more streamlined and simple workflow,

Make Mashups From Your Sofa With iMashup 3

iMashup from Mixed In Key just got better, with the latest version (iMashup 3) offering hugely improved speed over the older versions, and now with the ability to save your mashups to Dropbox, Mail and AirDrop.