The First Mixtape I Ever Made


I just had to interrupt our usual Sunday posting schedule to share this with you. I was clearing out a bottom drawer this morning when I got a massive jolt of nostalgia, as I came across one of the very first mixtapes I ever made! It’s a promo for a club night I co-founded – “Tangled” in Manchester, England – way back in 1995.

Mixtapes: 5 Ways To Screw Them Up


In our ongoing “making a mixtape” season of articles, today we move on to something that’s close to my heart – all the different ways it’s possible to screw up a recorded DJ mix!

Mixtapes: 5 Excuses DJs Always Use To Avoid Making Them


We asked: “what’s stopping you getting started on your mixtape?” Here are the top five answers.

Mixtapes: 5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Hitting Record


Mixtapes, while not the be all and end all of promoting yourself as a DJ, are still a great “this is what I can do!” handout. Here’s some tips for planning a great one.

Over To You: How Do I Get People To Listen To My Mixes?


Digital DJ Tips reader Westage asks: “My problem is to get my audience listen to my sets. I mean, I am constantly producing new mixes with a big time investment but many of my followers are only listening to parts of them, something my stats show.”

Over To You: Tips For Digitising Old Mixtapes


It’s a very special “over to you” today. Digital DJ Tips publisher and editor Phil Morse writes: “I have recently uncovered about 60 mixes on cassette tape that I made in the early-to-mid 90s, and I want to rip them to digital. Any tips?”

5 Reasons Why DJs Should Make Mash-ups (Not Mixtapes) To Get Bookings


Something curious has happened over the past few years – the DJ mixtape has lost pretty much all of its currency as a tool for DJs to get gigs with. Meanwhile, a newer breed of DJs are propelling themselves from zero to hero, and fast, on the back of mash-ups. We investigate why.