The 2 Big Reasons Why Your Mixtapes Aren't Getting You Gigs

I'm just back home from the first ever coaching webinar inside our brand new Digital DJ Lab training programme (which was awesome, by the way - a big shout out to you if you were one of the students in there with us), and one question about mixtapes wouldn't leave my head on the long drive back.

7 Reasons Why Your Mixtapes Never Get You Bookings

So you make a great mixtape (or CD, or online mix). You give it out to everyone you can think of who may be able to get you a gig. You sit back, confident that by the weight of sheer numbers, someone will give you a gig. And... nothing. So you get to wondering. Why did it not go right?

7 Reasons You Should Still Make Mixtapes

A student asked the other day if mixtapes were dead and buried in these modern times. The only way to make it as a DJ these days, he argued, was to have a popular track that you'd produced, and to be a social media expert. Why go to the time and trouble of crafting great mixtapes? Today we find out...

New DJ Streaming Site Lets The World Watch You Play

A new live streaming site for DJs launched recently, called Chew. It's a free service that lets you broadcast both video and audio of your DJ set, whether you're in the club or in your bedroom. You can use a laptop with a webcam or a professional camera set-up to stream your DJ sets, and soon you'll be able to stream using your mobile device too.

Case Study: How One Of Our Students Is Smashing SoundCloud

I’ve got something cool for you today, a real success story we want to share. One of our students, DJ Bella Cuts, is absolutely smashing it on SoundCloud - she's managed to get 14,270 plays of her mixtapes and 1,097 real followers, growing by 176% in just one year! We were so impressed we got her to tell all...

The First Mixtape I Ever Made

I just had to interrupt our usual Sunday posting schedule to share this with you. I was clearing out a bottom drawer this morning when I got a massive jolt of nostalgia, as I came across one of the very first mixtapes I ever made! It's a promo for a club night I co-founded - "Tangled" in Manchester, England - way back in 1995.

Mixtapes: 5 Ways To Screw Them Up

In our ongoing "making a mixtape" season of articles, today we move on to something that's close to my heart - all the different ways it's possible to screw up a recorded DJ mix!