Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Serato Controller Out Now

Numark's all-in-one Mixtrack Pro 3 Serato DJ controller is now available. The latest update in the popular Mixtrack Pro series features a narrower chassis design, thicker metal jogwheels compared to its predecessors, and touchstrips for track search and effects. It ships with Serato DJ Intro, and you can upgrade to Serato DJ.

Controller Clinic #41: Best DJ Controller Under $400?

Today's post was inspired by a thread on the Digital DJ Tips forum, from where this answer comes. Our reader said: "I think I’ll use Virtual DJ or Serato, but it really doesn’t matter to me: I’d rather get a controller and buy software accordingly." As you'll see, though, we don't think this is the right way to go...

Review & Video: Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Serato DJ Controller

My, how far the Mixtrack Pro has come. Always a successful model at the lower end of the market, right since the original clunky Mixtrack Pro and then the slimmed-down Mixtrack Pro 2, the new Mixtrack Pro 3 sports a thorough update for 2015, with a sleeker shape and some features from Numark's more expensive controllers.

Controller Clinic #14: Improving The Effects On Virtual DJ LE & Mixtrack

Following our recent tutorial video on when to use DJ effects, Digital DJ Tips reader John Spiegel writes: “I use a Numark Mixtrack with Virtual DJ LE. In the effects section there is no filter, either hi or low pass. I was wondering if there’s a way to either get around that or fix that."

Your Questions: How Do 4 Decks Work With 2-Channel Controllers?

Reader DJ MW writes: “I have decided to sell my CDJs and go digital. However I regularly use a third deck in my sets. My question is: How would it work in relation to volume/pitch controls when switching? Does it lock them in or does it just follow the physical faders when you switch back and change the values, messing up the mix?"

Your Questions: Why Doesn't Mixtrack Have A Headphones Jack?

Beginner DJ Bill Dunn writes: "I'm looking at buying the Numark Mixtrack, but not the Pro version as I already have a good sound card. Please can you tell me whether the non-pro Numark Mixtrack controller has a headphone output?"

Numark Mixtrack Pro Video Review

This excellent video clearly covers all the features of the Mixtrack Pro DJ controller, the most in-demand budget DJ controller in 2010/11, judging by our mailbox here at Digital DJ Tips.