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DJing is more popular than ever. With large scale festivals being “save the date” events and globetrotting DJs making millions of dollars, it’s no surprise that everyone wants in on the action. Back in the "two turntables and a mixer" days, a crate of vinyl and the ability to beatmatch used to be all you [...]

The One Thing All DJs Should Never Do

Despite all the fun chaos that happens in my DJ sets, I do have one rule that I strictly adhere to night after night ever since I got really serious about DJing, and I'm going to share it with you right now in the hopes that it guides you in your DJ career, just as it continues to do so in mine.

Your Questions: How Do I Build A Unique Music Collection?

Reader Chris Games over on the Digital DJ Tips Forum asks: “OK guys so I’m building up my library now and my problem is, I want to find good songs, but not just stuff everybody’s already heard."

Is Music Worse Than It Used To Be?

Dance music’s recent mainstream acceptance as "EDM" has brought about a fury from certain elements in the artistic/underground scenes, which is nothing new in itself - it happens whenever anything "underground" finds love from the mainstream.

 So has "EDM" killed quality, or is music better than its ever been?

Your Questions: What Is Balearic Music?

Digital DJ Tips reader and forum member DJ Quantum writes: “You mentioned in session three of the How To Digital DJ Fast course a type of music you like to play that is derived from old rock? You called it “Balearic”?

How To Book Guest DJs For Your Club Night, Part 1

So you have started a small club night in your town to showcase your DJing, and you want to book guest DJs to play at it alongside you. Today we're going to look at some of the dos and don'ts when it comes to hiring in DJs

Learning To DJ: Questions Beginners Always Ask

Answers to some of the questions that come up again and again among people learning to DJ. What gear should I buy? What about scratching? What's the minimum I need to start? Where can I get help choosing DJ gear? Should I be learning to DJ on "pro" DJ gear?