Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11? Our Compatibility List

Apple released its latest operating system OSX 10.11 El Capitan this week, and DJ manufacturers have warned users not to perform the update because of incompatibilities with current hardware and software. Here’s a compatibility status list of DJ software and hardware, which we’ll be updating as the patches roll out.

NI Warns Against OSX 10.11 El Capitan Update

Hold up on that update – Native Instruments says that Apple’s upcoming OSX 10.11 “El Capitan” update has some issues with legacy Traktor hardware. If you’ve got a Traktor Kontrol S4 MK1, Traktor Kontrol X1 MK1, Traktor Audio 2 MK1, Audio 8 DJ, Audio 4 DJ, Audio 2 DJ, or Maschine MK1, the new OSX update will crash your computer.

Stem Creator Tool Available Now

Native Instruments just launched its Stem Creator Tool, a free app that lets you make your own Stems files. Previously released as a beta version, the Stem Creator Tool combines up to five stereo audio files: One master file, which is the actual song, and up to four audio files which serve as the stems.

Traktor 2.10 Now Available, Adds Kontrol S5 Support

NI just launched an update to Traktor Pro 2. Now at version 2.10, it adds support for the company’s latest controller, the four-channel Traktor Kontrol S5. Other updates include switchable stereo Aux Input options in Traktor’s preferences section, as well as scratch support for older Traktor Scratch Certified hardware.

The Story Of Stems: Chad Carrier Interview

It’s fair to say the new Native Instruments (but open to all) file format Stems has caught the imagination of many DJs, even if the jury’s out on whether it’ll succeed. Chad Carrier is the Traktor Product Owner at Native Instruments, and in this revealing interview with Phil Morse of Digital DJ Tips he is candid and honest about them.

BPM 2015: Traktor Kontrol S5 Talkthrough Video

On display at the BPM Show is Native Instruments’ latest DJ controller the Traktor Kontrol S5. It’s cheaper than the flagship Traktor Kontrol S8, and more portable. In this video, we talk you through the differences, including demoing how Stems are controlled in the absence of the dedicated Stems faders.

BPM 2015: Traktor Kontrol S5 Controller – Official

Native Instruments has just its latest controller the Traktor Kontrol S5. Taking a cue from the flagship Traktor Kontrol S8, the Kontrol S5 is a four-channel controller that includes onboard screens and a built-in sound card straight out the box. Unlike the Kontrol S8 , however, the Traktor Kontrol S5 doesn’t have any Stems faders in either deck, and you can’t hook up a pair of turntables or CDJs to it.