Roundup: 5 Best Casual DJ Controllers

In this article, we look at five of the best DJ controllers for casual / leisure use - anywhere from a dorm room or house party, to Sunday barbecues and DJing on-the-go. These fun controllers all fall under US$300, so they also make decent controllers for beginners or those wanting to see if digital DJing is for them.

Get Traktor Pro 2 Free When You Buy A Kontrol X1 Or Z1

Native Instruments recently announced that it's giving away Traktor Pro 2 software to folk who buy either the Traktor Kontrol X1 or the Traktor Kontrol Z1 before 30 June 2017. This is a sweet deal for anyone looking to upgrade their gear or add to their existing DJ controller arsenal.

Push Turn Move: A Book On Music Production Controllers

We just spotted this ongoing Kickstarter campaign: Push Turn Move is a book about the history and design of electronic music controllers and interfaces, diving into the aesthetic and functional design aspects of DJ/producer gear. It features exclusive interviews with makers and companies in the music production space.

[BPM|PRO 2016] Maschine Jam Production & Performance System

Native Instruments has today announced its new Maschine Jam production and performance system, the latest addition to its Maschine range, ahead of this week's BPM | PRO DJ Show in England, the type of production hardware that is aimed at those wanting to quickly sketch tracks.

New Traktor Update Solves Crashing Issues

Native Instruments just announced an update to Traktor Pro 2. Now at 2.10.3, the new version addresses and fixes nearly all known crash issues in both Windows and Mac computers, something that's been talked about a lot by our Traktor-using readers for quite a while now.

How I DJ With Stems Part 3: Fleshing Out The Stem Loop Map

In today's training we're going to put together your first Stem Loop production. I assembled a Stem Loop track using loops and samples that I've got in my library, and in this tutorial you're going to download those sounds and I'm going to walk you through recreating that track.

How I DJ With Stems Part 1: Introduction To Stem Loops

In part one of this four-part video series, I'm going to introduce you to my concept of the Stem Loop and how I DJ with it. Stem Loops are quick to assemble in a digital audio workstation like Ableton Live using sample packs, and you perform them while you DJ using hot cues and loop cues in Traktor Pro 2.