DJing with Laptops: Why To Some People, It’s Just Not The Real Thing

Laptop DJ

Do laptop and controller DJs need to spend an arm and a leg for a full-on Pioneer set-up just to earn the respect and credibility of the public? Here’s my take on the growing trend of laptop-less (or “hidden laptop”) DJing…

Serato DJ 1.3 Supports Twitch & VCI-300, Gets FX Boost


Serato has just announced the latest version of Serato DJ – 1.3.0 – which brings the software to the Novation Twitch and the Vestax VCI-300/VFX-1, and also gets two FX Expansion Packs.

Controller Clinic #18: Can I DJ Weddings & Bars With The Novation Twitch?

novation twitch

Digital DJ Tips reader Scott writes: “I am looking at purchasing my first controller. I would like to get out there and DJ to a crowd ASAP – maybe even bars and weddings, as I love music although it would be useful to make some extra cash. My dilemma is that I like the idea of the Novation Twitch and its features but I am concerned that this may not be as applicable to the type of crowds I hope to entertain.

Controller Clinic #7: Novation Twitch or Launchpad?

Launchpad vs APC40

Reader DJ Mustachio Nuts (great name!) writes: “I’ve been a musician, mostly bass, all my life which has definitely helped me understand the core job of a DJ – getting people to shake their asses! – which is what I loved about being a bass player. ..”

Controller Clinic #1: Novation Twitch vs Traktor Kontrol S4

The Novation Twitch comes with an overlay and mapping for Traktor, although there are mixed reports about the quality of the supplied mapping. Pic: Zzsounds

Reader Kirill write: “I am moving now from the Vestax Typhoon to a new controller and I’m all excited about the Twitch because it has no jogs (I don’t scratch, never did, never will). It also seems to have lots of buttons and FX controls that seem great to replace an external pad controller. I am worried that I will outgrow the Twitch just as fast as I did with the Typhoon…”

Video: Novation Twitch Hot Cue Demo

I was impressed with the Novation Twitch when we reviewed it recently, and have been using it for one of my gigs this last few weeks. Now I’ve got the hang of some of its features, I thought I’d do a short YouTube video showing off one of the functions that they’ve made truly simple to use: Hot cues.

Review & Video: The Novation Twitch DJ Controller

Not much bigger than the laptop it connects to, the Novation Twitch brings portability back to digital DJing, while managing to avoid look like a toy.

Ever had the thought that jogwheels are a bit unnecessary when DJing with digital music? Or dreamt of a controller that replaced them with functions more suited to digital DJing? Looked at technogeeks with their custom controllers and wanted in on the action? If so, the new Novation Twitch DJ controller may be right up your street.