Numark Teases New All-In-One Serato DJ Controller


What do you get when you cross Numark’s flagship NS7II controller, Serato, and an embedded PC? This monster of a controller, that’s what! While we currently have no further details of this device, this genuine picture from Numark shows a DJ controller with a computer built in, and a version of Serato DJ running right there in the unit.

Numark Remix Toolkit: $200-Worth Of Free Samples For Mixtrack Buyers

Numark 520 Featured

Numark has announced the Numark Remix Toolkit, a collection of samples created exclusively for the company by Prime Loops. Spread across six sample pack genres, more than 380 loops and samples are included in the collection, which is free to buyers of certain Numark controllers.

Review & Video: Numark NS7 II DJ Controller


Review: Numark NS7 II DJ Controller Numark is marketing the NS7 II as the “best DJ controller ever. Period.” If by “best” Numark means “biggest”, “heaviest”, or “most similar in look, feel and weight to two real motorised turntables and a mixer”, well – there’s absolutely no arguing. But of course, one man’s “best” is […]

Review & Video: Numark Mixtrack Quad DJ Controller

Numark Mixtrack Quad

A four-channel DJ controller for this price? It’s certainly the selling point of the Numark Mixtrack Quad, which does indeed have four physical channels for true four-deck software mixing.

Review & Video: Numark Electrowave Headphones


Headphone opinions tend to be subjective, don’t they? And the Numark Electrowave headphones will certainly divide opinion on looks alone. In white and grey with flashes of blue, they have a kind of trance-meets-retro look, and they’re also really very big and bulky.

Review & Video: Numark Orbit Wireless DJ Controller


Beautifully built and massively fun to use, it’s clear that a lot of thought has gone into this little DJ controller. Its motion control elements are fun, the wireless side turns out to be highly practical, and especially for Traktor users wanting to liberate effects, it’s perfect (there’s a mapping) – although you can map it yourself too. It may look like a toy, but it’s anything but.

Musikmesse 2013: Numark iDJ Flex Controller


iPad controllers were everywhere at Musikmesse 2013, and Numark slipped a new one under the radar, showing the Numark iDJ Flex for the first time.