Review & Video: Numark Dashboard DJ Display For Serato

Those controllers with screens built in? All the rage nowadays. But what if you're into the idea, and your controller doesn't have screens? Well, if so - and if you're a Serato DJ user - the Numark Dashboard may be an alternative solution. Let's take a closer look...

Rane Sold To inMusic, Home Of Numark, Denon DJ & Akai

Rane, makers of the MP2015 rotary mixer and the legendary TTM-series scratch mixers, has announced that it's just been acquired by inMusic. It now joins other companies under the InMusic umbrella like Denon DJ, Numark, and Akai Pro.

Numark NVII Controller For Serato DJ Unveiled

Numark just announced the NVII, the successor to its NV controller that was the first Serato DJ controller with built-in screens. Updates include the displays which now show gridlines for easier visual beatmatching and five-column music sorting, along with updated jogwheels.

[NAMM 2016] Numark Party Mix Talkthrough Video

We got an exclusive video of the Numark Party Mix in action a few weeks back, but here at NAMM 2016 we have had a chance to see a full production unit upfront and personal, and a demure little thing it is too - much smaller than we were expecting, yet still containing everything needed for basic DJing.

[NAMM 2016] Video: Numark PT01 Touring Portable Record Player

With vinyl seemingly picking up more and more new fans right now, Numark is showing the PT01 Touring portable record player here at NAMM 2016. It's a cute little design that can be folded up like a briefcase to bring with you wherever the vinyl bug bites.

[NAMM 2016] Numark CD Mix USB DJ System

Numark just announced the CD Mix USB here at NAMM 2016, a modern take on its popular CD Mix self-contained DJ system. It now sports two USB drive slots, in addition to its classic configuration of twin CD players, two-channel mixer with built-in effects, and microphone inputs.

[NAMM 2016] Numark Red Wave Carbon Headphones

Numark just launched the new Red Wave Carbon headphones here at NAMM 2016. It sports a new carbon fibre look while maintaining the Numark Red Wave's features. We reviewed the original Numark Red Wave headphones a while back, and thought they offered good value.