Does Your Gear Support OSX 10.11? Our Compatibility List

Apple released its latest operating system OSX 10.11 El Capitan this week, and DJ manufacturers have warned users not to perform the update because of incompatibilities with current hardware and software. Here’s a compatibility status list of DJ software and hardware, which we’ll be updating as the patches roll out.

Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Serato Controller Out Now

Numark’s all-in-one Mixtrack Pro 3 Serato DJ controller is now available. The latest update in the popular Mixtrack Pro series features a narrower chassis design, thicker metal jogwheels compared to its predecessors, and touchstrips for track search and effects. It ships with Serato DJ Intro, and you can upgrade to Serato DJ.

Review & Video: Numark HF350 Headphones

While more popularly known for its controllers like the Mixtrack Pro and media players, Numark is also a company that produces DJ headphones. What we’re looking at today is the Numark HF350, which is an around-the-ear pair of headphones meant for DJ monitoring. Are they any good? We find out…

Review & Video: Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 Serato DJ Controller

My, how far the Mixtrack Pro has come. Always a successful model at the lower end of the market, right since the original clunky Mixtrack Pro and then the slimmed-down Mixtrack Pro 2, the new Mixtrack Pro 3 sports a thorough update for 2015, with a sleeker shape and some features from Numark’s more expensive controllers.

Review & Video: Numark N-Wave 580 Powered Desktop DJ Monitors

Numark’s N-Wave 580 powered DJ desktop monitors appear to be aiming for that part of the market between computer speakers and entry-level studio monitors: The part of the market that buyers of entry level DJ controllers such as Numark’s own Mixtrack Pro 3 inhabit, in other words. Let’s see how they fare…

[NAMM 2015] Video: Numark Lightwave DJ Speakers Talkthrough

Numark’s Lightwave speakers are small and portable, designed to be used at parties and small gigs, with the novel addition of two bars of bright LED lighting built in behind the grills of each speaker.

[NAMM 2015] Video: Numark HF Wireless Headphones Talkthrough

We haven’t had time to test the claims, but here’s a set of wireless headphones at NAMM 2015 that Numark says is so low latency that they’re fine to DJ with without a cable attaching them to your DJ gear.