Mixed In Key Launches Odesi Chords For iOS

Odesi, the music composition app that helps you come up with song ideas quickly, is now on iPhone and iPad as Odesi Chords. Like its desktop counterpart, Odesi Chords lets you create chord progressions, bass lines, and drum patterns to form the foundation of your production.

Odesi Music Composition App Now On Windows

Odesi, the composition and production app that aims to help you sketch music ideas quickly, is now available to Windows users. Though available as a browser-only app, the Mac and Windows versions let you use the growing library of synth patches and drum sounds within Odesi in your project.

Review & Video: Odesi Music Composition Software

Odesi is an app that serves as a launchpad for your songwriting. It comes in the form of a very basic digital audio workstation (DAW) editor packed with drum loops, bass patterns, and chord progressions. You can then export these as Midi data to import into your DAW of choice to craft your own hits. Here's our review...

First Look: Odesi App From Mixed In Key

Mixed In Key just released Odesi, a music composition tool for you browser (comes with a Mac companion app, PC forthcoming) that sets out to help DJs and producers get started on writing hit dance tracks. It takes a fresh approach to the subject, by "crowdsourcing" data from previous hits to help you come up with ideas.