[NAMM 2016] Peavey Darkmatter Loudspeakers Video Talkthrough

The Peavey room had a bunch of new loudspeakers on show here at NAMM 2016, including the Darkmatter series of DSP-equipped speakers. They come with presets that let you tailor the speakers' response depending on how you'd want to use them, whether for DJing or other applications.

Your Questions: Which Is The Best Portable PA System?

Digital DJ Tips reader DJT writes: "I’m 16 and have been doing gigs for about two years. Although I’m pretty pleased with my current set-up, everything is too big and heavy. I have a Numark 4trak that I can carry, but my speakers are a different story! I own 2 JBL Eon 615 Speakers which [...]

Beginner's Guide To PA Systems, Part 3: Amps & Speakers

Today we’ll look in-depth at PA amps and speakers, and discuss the crucial matter of speaker placement, before next time moving on to cables, setting up and sound checking.

How To Choose A Small DJ PA System

If you’re looking at DJ PA systems but you’re not sure where to start, in this article we’re going to arm you with all you need to make an informed choice.