Your Questions: How Can I Stop Myself "Freezing" When DJing?

Reader Kaegan writes with this question: "I sometimes freeze up when playing... meaning I forget music... the crowd is still moving but I reach a point where I just can't put my finger on what song should I play next. Please, please can I get some feedback on this?"

Your Questions: Is It Legal To Upload DJ Sets To The Internet?

Reader Jim writes: “I’ve uploaded excerpts from previous DJ sets onto SoundCloud and I’ve been sent this email which has removed one of the tracks. Question is: is it legal to upload a DJ set?

Your Questions: Will My Entry-level Kit Sound Rubbish in a Large Venue?

Reader Grafton K Palmer writes: "I'm a beginner DJ and I'm using a Behringer BCD2000. It's only entry-level equipment and I'm now worried that it'll sound shit in a large venue."