Interview: How I Got My First Remix Played In Ibiza


Today we’d like to introduce you to Simmo J, a guy who just over a year ago had never DJed in his life, and yet incredibly now he is both an accomplished DJ and scratch talent.

Scratching For Controller DJs Full Course Now Open


It’s been a fantastic couple of weeks, with over 14,000 of you taking our free controller scratching (which is now finished), and over 800 of you taking the time to tell us how useful you found it – massive thanks to everyone who took part! So here’s our big news: Today we’re proud to announce […]

7 Biggest Questions About Scratching On DJ Controllers Answered


So we decided to take seven of the biggest questions that we’re being asked over and over again about scratching, and record a quick, straight-to-camera video answering them.

Your Free Controller Scratching Course #3: Crossfader Drill, Baby Scratch… & Big News!

Video 3

In this final video we show you how to practise the baby scratch and the crossfader, and what you’re aiming for when you combine the two.

Your Free Controller Scratching Course #2: How To Set Everything Up

Scratch adjustments

We’re continuing our special free course for everyone interested in scratching on their DJ controller, with a brand-new 30-minute in-depth tutorial video on setting up your laptop, controller and software.

Get Your Free Scratch Training Video Course Today!

DJ Angelo scratching on a controller at the Musikmesse  2013 Show. Want to do this? Take our free scratching course, launched today. Pic Digital DJ Tips

Head over to our brand-new and totally free scratch video training course right now!

Video: How To Set Up The Pioneer DDJ-SX For Scratching

Pioneer DDJ-SX Scratch

In this short video, Digital DJ Tips scratch tutor, the man behind our Scratching For Controller DJs course, Steve Canueto explains how to set up a Pioneer DDJ-SX for scratching.