Your First Day With: Serato DJ

Serato DJ First day main image

In this week’s instalment of our ongoing “Your First Day With…” series, we get our hands dirty with Serato DJ. We show you how to get the software up and running on your computer, how to get your music library onto it, and how to hook up your controller so you can get on with DJing!

Serato DJ 1.7 Plus Serato Flip, Serato DVS Available Now

Serato DJ 1.7

Serato DJ 1.7 is out now and introduces two new expansion packs: Serato Flip for live edits and remixing, and Serato DVS for digital vinyl system compatibility for select controllers, alongside a host of tweaks and bug fixes.

Reloop Neon Pad Controller For Serato DJ Announced

Reloop NEON Main Img

Reloop announced today its Neon pad controller, an official Serato DJ accessory featuring eight touch-sensitive RGB drum pads for triggering cue points, playing samples from the SP6 sample player, looping, and effects use.

Akai AFX & AMX Modular Serato Controllers Announced

AFX AMX final

Akai is the latest music brand to get on board the Serato train, with two intriguing new USB-powered portable modular DJ controllers announced today, the Akai AFX and Akai AMX.

Serato Flip: Major New Expansion Pack Will Make Re-Editing Tracks Easy


Serato has today announced “Serato Flip”, a new expansion pack for Serato DJ software that allows DJs to make their own edits of tracks from within Serato DJ, and save up to six variations per track for instant playback whenever they like.

Review & Video: Reloop Beatmix 4 Serato Controller

Reloop Beatmix 4

Remember the days when DJ controllers came with vague instructions about getting them working with any number of different software options? How things have changed, and the easy-to-use but capable Reloop Beatmix 4 for Serato DJ Intro is a really good example of that.

Numark NV Heralds Next Generation Of DJ Controllers


Numark has today announced the Numark NV for Serato DJ, the first of what we’ve been predicting since last year will be the next big wave of digital DJ controllers: Devices with high-quality colour displays built in, to show all critical information and leave the digital DJ free to play without ever looking at a laptop.