Review & Video: Akai Pro AMX Mixer/DVS Controller For Serato DJ

AMX Rear

The Akai Pro AMX is a high quality modular controller for Serato DJ software that offers full mixer control over two channels, plus transport, basic cueing, library access, VU metering (per channel and master), pitch control, and some well-chosen performance features including filter roll, touch-to-kill EQs, and crossfader curve/reverse.

DJ Software Discounts For Thanksgiving Weekend


Serato and Native Instruments have both weighed in with huge discount offers this weekend on their software, to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US (but you can grab the offers anywhere…). Currently you can grab Serato DJ and Serato Video at 30% off and Traktor at 50% off.

Gemini Joins With Serato For Slate 2 & Slate 4 Controllers

Gemini Slate 4

Big news with Serato DJ Intro 1.2.3, announced today, is support for two upcoming controllers from Gemini: The Gemini Slate and Gemini Slate 4. These are the first controllers Gemini has released that work with Serato.

BPM 2014: Denon MC6000 Mk2 Now Comes With Full Serato DJ

MC6000 Mk2

The four-channel Denon MC6000 Mk2 is a marked improvement layout-wise on the Mk1, and now that it comes with Serato DJ in the box as opposed to the cut-down Serato Intro, it’s even better value for the working DJ.

5 Ways The Apple Watch May Help DJs

Apple Watch for DJs

Yesterday, Apple waved its magic wand and introduced us to its take on wearable technology, the Apple Watch. Touted as the company’s “most personal device”, as far as I can see it can do two things quite well that may be of interest to DJs.

Review & Video: Reloop Neon Drumpad Serato Controller


The Reloop Neon is an add-on controller for Serato DJ that aims to provide cutting edge control over pretty much all of the advanced functions of the software; something particularly useful for users of more basic DJ controllers, DVS users and those who want total control over the sample player.

Your First Day With: Serato DJ

Serato DJ First day main image

In this week’s instalment of our ongoing “Your First Day With…” series, we get our hands dirty with Serato DJ. We show you how to get the software up and running on your computer, how to get your music library onto it, and how to hook up your controller so you can get on with DJing!