Review & Video: Reloop Beatmix 4 Serato Controller

Reloop Beatmix 4

Remember the days when DJ controllers came with vague instructions about getting them working with any number of different software options? How things have changed, and the easy-to-use but capable Reloop Beatmix 4 for Serato DJ Intro is a really good example of that.

Numark NV Heralds Next Generation Of DJ Controllers


Numark has today announced the Numark NV for Serato DJ, the first of what we’ve been predicting since last year will be the next big wave of digital DJ controllers: Devices with high-quality colour displays built in, to show all critical information and leave the digital DJ free to play without ever looking at a laptop.

Review & Video: Pioneer DDJ-SZ Serato DJ Controller


Today we review the new flagship controller in Pioneer’s range, the DDJ-SZ. It is bigger and better specified than any Serato controller out there, with dual laptop control, built-in DVS support, standalone mixer, two different Pioneer hardware FX sections, and CDJ-sized jogwheels. But is it worth the extra over the DDJ-SX?

Review & Video: Pioneer DDJ-SR Serato DJ Controller

ddj sr feat img

Pioneer introduced the DDJ-SR last October, touted as a more compact, portable two channel controller designed to give you full use of what Serato DJ has to offer.

Serato DJ 1.6.3 Brings CDJ-900NXS Support

CDJ900nxs feat img

Serato has released the latest update to Serato DJ, bringing it to 1.6.3, and adding support for Pioneer’s CDJ-900NCXS among other tweaks.

Review & Video: Serato Remote 1.1 for iPad

serato remote feat img

Serato Remote is an app for your iPad that extends functionality of your controller by adding extra controls through its touchscreen interface.

MixEmergency 2.4 & 2.5 Bring Serato DJ Compatibility & Improved Midi

ME Feat Image

Serato Video isn’t the only video DJ option for Serato users as version 2.5 of Mix Emergency now works with Serato DJ and also adds improved Midi functionality.