No, You Don't Need To Learn On Vinyl To Be A "Real DJ"

The world, as we know, is full of people very happy to inform you that unless you're learning to DJ on vinyl, you're not really learning to DJ. There was an article by David Ireland over at Magnetic Mag recently that argued just that. But is that really true?

Is Digital DJing The Real Deal?

Often, new DJs get in touch with us with a story that goes something like this: “Yes, I’ve downloaded Virtual DJ Home, and I’m doing some great mixes on my laptop. I want to get a cheap controller next, then when I’ve got the money trade up to CDJs and a mixer, then finally I want to move to real record decks. Then I’ll be a ‘proper’ DJ!”

Digital Vs Vinyl, Part 346: DJ Iceman's Viral Video

Despite the language, I've chosen to repost this because it does contain, in a nutshell, exactly this blog's opinion on the whole vinyl vs digital debate.

An Open Letter To Vinyl And Digital DJs

It seems like everyone is talking about the advent of modern technology in DJing. Some are in favour of it and some are in extreme opposition to it - and as time goes by, the debate is - if anything - getting more brutal and less sensible.