Streaming Service Pulselocker Now Available In Virtual DJ

DJ music streaming service Pulselocker is now available inside Virtual DJ 8, the companies have announced. That means that anybody with a Pulselocker subscription can access their music and playlists from the service, including full offline access, from within Virtual DJ 8.

Rane Sold To inMusic, Home Of Numark, Denon DJ & Akai

Rane, makers of the MP2015 rotary mixer and the legendary TTM-series scratch mixers, has announced that it's just been acquired by inMusic. It now joins other companies under the InMusic umbrella like Denon DJ, Numark, and Akai Pro.

Review & Video: Virtual DJ 8.2 Software

Since launching Virtual DJ 8 in 2014, Atomix has been churning out updates regularly. In this review we'll look at the new features of Virtual DJ 8.2, namely Ask The DJ, which is an online song request feature, and the new pads layout and Pads Editor window.

Virtual DJ 8.2 Released, Adds Song Requests & Pads Editor

Atomix just released an update to Virtual DJ 8. It adds a lot of tweaks under the hood, as well as two new feature highlights: Ask The DJ, which lets guests request songs through an online portal or through Twitter, and an extended pad section per virtual deck.

Is It Time For A Universal DJ Tag For Music?

DJs in the digital age spend a lot of time preparing their material, and we do this because it allows us to become intimately familiar with the track. But all that hard work then becomes proprietary information depending on the DJ software we use. What can DJ companies do to solve this concern?

DJs: It's Now Safe To Update To iTunes 12.3

If you've been holding back on updating to the latest iTunes version ( at press time), you can safely install the update without fear of it messing up your iTunes playlists within Serato DJ (1.7.8), Traktor Pro 2 (2.10), and Virtual DJ 8 (8.0.0). We've also tested it with Pioneer DJ's rekordbox (4.0.1) and Algorddim's djay Pro (1.2.1).

Virtual DJ Streaming Music Service Hit By Demise of Grooveshark

Online music streaming service Grooveshark has folded, leaving anyone using Virtual DJ's "ContentUnlimited" service to stream music within Virtual DJ with a hugely compromised service - for the time being, at least. Grooveshark has closed following a six-year legal battle that found the music service infringing on copyright laws to almost 5,000 unlicensed songs in its catalogue.