[NAMM 2015] Virtual DJ 8 Adds New Akai, Rane & Reloop Support


Virtual DJ has today announced at NAMM 2015 native support for a host of controllers, mixers and accessories, from Akai Pro, Rane and Reloop: the Akai Pro AFX and AMX, the Rane Sixty-Two, and the Reloop Neon being the specific models that are now natively mapped.

Virtual DJ 8 Timecode Vinyl Now Available

Virtual DJ 8 Timecode Vinyl

Atomix has released its own brand of timecode vinyl over the weekend. Dubbed “Timecode Vinyl v8″, these control vinyl are tailored specifically for use with Virtual DJ 8, and counters any detractors claiming Virtual dJ 8 was “piggybacking” other technologies.

New Virtual DJ Video Series Pushes Software’s Strengths


Virtual DJ must feel like the itch that won’t go away to certain others. Whereas Traktor is increasingly only really an option if you’re using Traktor hardware, and Serato has always only worked on a relatively small number of tightly licensed and controlled devices, Virtual DJ is positively promiscuous by comparison.

Pioneer’s Flagship DDJ-SZ Controller Now Ships With Virtual DJ 8 Pro

virtual dj 8

In what should definitely be seen as a coup for the software, Virtual DJ 8 Pro now ships (alongside Serato DJ) right there in the box with the Pioneer DDJ-SZ, the company’s flagship DJ controller, and is therefore officially supported by this flagship controller.

Take The VirtualDJ 8 DVS Challenge

virtual dj

Remember the Pepsi Taste Test Challenge? Well, VirtualDJ has today issued its own challenge. It has thrown a gauntlet down by inviting all DJs who currently use any DVS (digital vinyl system) to try the new VirtualDJ 8 DVS engine for free.

BPM 2014: Serato Control Vinyl… But What’s The Software?


What you’re looking at is Serato timecode vinyl, as part of a digital DJ set-up. Having played on the set-up you can see pictured here, I can tell you that it sounds and performs like the very best digital vinyl systems that are out there… but it’s definitely not Serato software that was being demoed. Want to know what it is? Read on…

Your First Day With: Virtual DJ 8

VDJ Main img

In this article, we shine the spotlight on one of the most widely used DJ apps on the planet: Virtual DJ 8. We show you everything you need to know to set it up on your computer, how to get your tunes in, and how to use it with and without a controller so you can get rocking right away!