Review & Video: Numark Mixtrack Quad DJ Controller

A four-channel DJ controller for this price? It's certainly the selling point of the Numark Mixtrack Quad, which does indeed have four physical channels for true four-deck software mixing.

Controller Clinic #14: Improving The Effects On Virtual DJ LE & Mixtrack

Following our recent tutorial video on when to use DJ effects, Digital DJ Tips reader John Spiegel writes: “I use a Numark Mixtrack with Virtual DJ LE. In the effects section there is no filter, either hi or low pass. I was wondering if there’s a way to either get around that or fix that."

How DJ Software Gets Bundled With Controllers

Getting a new DJ controller this Christmas? Chances are it'll come with a "light edition", or "LE" version of one of the major DJ software packages. Designed to get you going right out of the box, these programs offer fewer features than the full versions, and are often customised to make your first xeprience with Dj software as painless as possible.

Bundled DJ Controller Software: Facts & Myths

If you buy a DJ controller, chances are it will come with some bundled DJ controller software. Knowing whether the software that comes with a certain DJ controller is going to be good enough for you (at least for a while) is a big consideration when you're choosing what to buy.