Your Questions: Getting Paid Well For Wedding DJing

Digital DJ Tips member Chris writes: ""I get a lot of wedding DJ email enquiries requesting a quote for X, Y and Z, and I rarely give this as I think it's best to quote each function individually. However, I’m conscious of potentially being seen as 'evasive' by some prospective clients..."

Controller Clinic #18: Can I DJ Weddings & Bars With The Novation Twitch?

Digital DJ Tips reader Scott writes: “I am looking at purchasing my first controller. I would like to get out there and DJ to a crowd ASAP – maybe even bars and weddings, as I love music although it would be useful to make some extra cash. My dilemma is that I like the idea of the Novation Twitch and its features but I am concerned that this may not be as applicable to the type of crowds I hope to entertain.

6 Essentials For DJing At Weddings

In my last instalment, I discussed why you might want to consider being a wedding DJ. But in order to do the job well, you need to possess some important qualities (and gear). Luckily they're all things you probably already have, or could have with a bit of effort (or cash).

Your Questions: Why Do Rubbish-Looking Speakers Sometimes Sound So Good?

Reader DJ Malarky writes: "I was having a conversation with a couple of DJs regarding sound systems. We were at a mobile DJ jam night with several DJs mixing sets. Well I thought the best DJ was the one with what I thought was the best-sounding system, but not the best-looking: older, carpet-covered speakers and [...]

4 Reasons Why You Should DJ Weddings

Chances are, if you let people know you're a real, honest-to-goodness DJ, the question will inevitably arise: "Do you do weddings?" And if you're smart, you'll immediately say yes - even if you've never played a wedding and never considered it.