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    Right so, after playing a while with controllers and media players I’ve decided to build my first DVS setup because that supports my playing style the best (and nothing beats those spinning vinyls!)

    As I’m completely new to the world of DVS, there are few things that I have questions about cause I’m just not sure if I’m doing this correctly and I don’t wanna mess up anything with ordering wrong stuff etc ;_;

    So what I’ve been thinking ordering is;
    -Akai AMX mixer
    -2x Reloop RP 8000 turntables
    -Serato digital vinyls

    I understand that AMX comes bundled with full Serato DJ and to get it work with DVS I need to buy the DVS bundle, and that’s pretty much all software wise I need to buy, am I right?

    So then I’ve been wondering how I set up this whole set and correct me if I’m wrong but here it is as I think it’d go;
    ->Connect AMX to Mac with USB
    ->Connect RP 8000’s with RCA on the AMX inputs
    ->Connect one 8000 to another with USB, and from there another USB to Mac
    ->Place Serato digital vinyls on 8000’s
    ->Then of course connect my speakers on the AMX outputs

    This should pretty much work like this, right? Then also there’s something called noise mapping (that I have no idea of) in order to get the DVS system work correctly. But that’s not something I should worry currently?

    Then Styluses and such… Ugh… Do you think the ones that RP 8000’s have default are something that could work for the start? What kind of should I anyways get in the future (for scratching, beat juggling etc) if I wanted to upgrade?

    Is there something I’m missing here? Any extra tips are also more than welcome 🙂

    Thanks in advance <3



    Yes you are all set and your setup description sounds solid.

    Here are some things:

    The reloop stylus are made by Ortofon which IMHO is the best stylus company for DJs. They sound good, not audiophile, but good (which is all you need for DVS) and they are very reliable and hold up quite long even with prolonged use.
    I would get a spare kit of 2.

    Also: Get 2 spare slipmats (I think 2 come in the package of the turntables) and 2 spare control vinyl. As a beginner you will probaly kill a control viny quickly at first 🙂 and the cheaper Serato control vinyls are only like 10 bucks.

    Then I can only say: Have Fun!



    Thank you Terry! It’s nice to know I’m on the right path :3

    But where I actually need spare slipmats? Does something happen to them in long term use? I’m a bit confused ;o



    Well if you scratch a lot and I suppose in training you will, then by constant scratching at some point there will be a tiny tiny thing chiffing off the slipmat. This is the “slipmat cancer” fron this point on more and more will start to scourge off make fluffy balls under your vinyl etc. until it does not have “the slip” anymore and you want to replace it.
    They are also rather cheap if you do not buy licensed Star Wars or Marvel slipmats (which nobody can see when the vinyl is on there)… so to have a pair as replacement is always good.
    I have no idea why, but some people I know need 3 pairs a month and some others have them a year… prolly depends on your “pressing style”.



    Aight got it! Thanks for the extra tips, they were really helpful :3 Now this is why I asked here… :p


    Adam Bown

    You’ll also need to balance the tonearm. It’s not difficult (just google it, there are tons of links). It helps to prevent skipping etc. I’m not an expert, but I think you need different setups depending on what you’re going to be doing (scratching etc).



    Yes indeed, however especially using control vinyl you can eyeball it pretty good after a time and you can always be a bit “arm heavy”. It will wear down the control vinyl quicker, but you are on the safer side of skipping etc. So I drive my scratch setup most of the time.
    Of course if you want to play your 40 year old rare item 100 piece limited edition vinyl… you should not use DJ turntables in the first place hehe

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