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    I have a Serato-based Numark controller and want to upgrade my set up to include turntables. I don’t need high end kit as I’m a bedroom DJ that does the odd party. My preferred option is to get the Allen & Heath Xone 23 (£250) or 23c (£330) 2+2 mixer and have my controller into one line and the turntables into the two phono lines.

    That is straightforward but I also want to be able to record my sets on my Macbook Air. Is it worth me buying the 23c for an extra £80 as an easy way to then record via the 23c’s USB. Or would it be more cost effective to get the 23 base model with no in-built sound card or USB and the simply link from the 23’s record out RCA ports back to my computer? I think for the latter option I may need an audio interface between mixer and Mac to record but you can pick these up fairly cheaply. NB My macbook air has 2 x USB ports and a thunderbolt port; you cannot change the 3.5mm headphone port into an input device – thats only do-able on a Macbook Pro.

    Last point – I have used A&H mixers before and think they are awesome and so only really focussed on the 23 or 23c, cheers!


    DJ Vintage

    Would selling your Numark controller (what type?) and getting a (used) DDJ-SX2 or MC6000mkII be an option? Both would give you the option of using regular vinyl, dabble in DVS and record everything through Serato. Just hook up your TTs to your controller and off you go.



    Thanks vintage. I’ll check that option out.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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