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    Hello everyone ,

    I need some help to decide which controller I should buy , I want to buy a controller jus to play at home , i am buying one jus for my passion , I do not intend to play clubs . I would also let ull know that I do not have a formal training in DJing and have jus learnt a little bit by watching videos on YouTube , so pls forgive me if I am wrong anywhere.

    I have owned a numark mixtrack pro and gave it back mainly because it lacked a sampler .
    My idea of DJing is more than jus adding effects and loops, adjusting the pitch ,or scratching , I really like having a sampler on my controller and I want the ability to have full control over all my samples .

    I am considering buying the traktor kontrol f1 and I am thinking about the s2 or the s4 to go along with it .

    I am also considering the traktor kontrol s5 and the s8 .

    I am also looking the the pioneer xdj Rx as pioneer is industry standard (then again I don't think I'll ever play in the industry)
    But somehow the native instruments product's seem more like the products I want to buy considering the remix decks and control over samples ,which is think won't b available on the xdj Rx , I can b wrong

    As this is jus for my entertainment , my budget is not very high and I can't buy any controllers more expensive than these .

    Will any these controllers serve my purpose of remixing songs , because I feel that's wot i basically want to do .

    Are these controllers perfect for DJing + remixing or should I buy some products like ableton controllers or something on those lines for a more production point of view .

    Which controller should I get ? Any of these or any other ?

    Also I have a question how do DJ's create the sweep rise effect that creates a lot of energy and gets the crowd jumping​, it looks like it is an auto loop that reduces in size or it's an echo that increases , both these with some delay , but even the DJ's start jumping without actually controlling this effect , then how do they do this , is this effect pre-recorded , if yes which software do they use to record this, if no , then which controller or mixer has such an auto effect ?

    Thanks in advance .


    Nogui Aramburo

    Try a 2 channel controller like traktor S2 or a DDJ


    Todd Oddity

    "I am also looking the the pioneer xdj Rx as pioneer is industry standard"

    No, despite what the folks at Pioneer would have you believe, they are absolutely not the industry standard. Why do I say this? Because there is no industry standard for controllers. By their very nature (portability), people bring what they need and therefore it matters little what they have and if it matches a standard.

    Now, with that all said, if Traktor is your weapon of choice, then you need to get an NI controller. End of story. I recently worked with a friend who has an S4mk2 paired with an F1. I was really impressed at what a comprehensive setup that was. He had easy access to absolutely everything. Certainly would be worth a close look in my opinion.



    I think the S2 paired with the F1 from Native Instruments is a great setup for the home dj. Not too pricey to get started and great build quality should you ever decide to venture beyond the bedroom.



    Hey there again guys !

    I've watched a couple more videos of the s8 and I truly am very much inclined towards getting it , it is the flagship controller after all and looks like the future of DJing to me , I feel it's gonna be a one time investment for me ,but it's gonna give me every thing I intend doing out of DJing . Can a S4 with a f1 match up to the s8 with regards to stems and remix decks ?


    DJ Vintage

    If you are just starting I personally would never buy the top end controller. First of all you don't know if the software (Traktor) will be right one for you, second of all you haven't (fully) developed your workflow yet. And while it no doubt seems tempting to start with all the bells and whistles, it does pay to start by learning the basics. Stems is most definitely NOT basics.

    Clearly you have to buy what you want and it is almost impossible for anyone here to advise one particular unit. What might be Da Bomb for me, you might find horrendous and the other way around. So any advise would be general in character. If you search these forums for beginner or starter controller or buying a controller, you should get plenty of posts dedicated to this issue. Including our time-proven, best-practice step-plan towards selecting a starting controller.

    My suggestion to you would be to get a (even used) starter controller, that will get you through learning the basix without all the bells and whistles distractions. Without breaking the bank and allowing you to figure out which features you like, want, need in your next controller. If you start with Traktor, the S2 would be your best bet. Should be plenty of used ones out there that you can get for a fairly low price. Be sure to get all the necessary software license keys with it and preferably original CDs.

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