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    Michael Thomas


    I use Macbook air with djay pro and ultramixer 5 pro entertain and want to use the music library on my ipod touch 128gb. But the djay-software doesn’t find the data on iPod. Apple support didn’t help and I’m waiting for an answer from algoriddim. Does one of you know something about that problem.
    Thanks for helping



    Germain Connell

    Sadly probably would never work with the Ipod touch. A while back I was trying to do same thing with my Ipod classic and Djay pro. I can’t remember exactly what they told me but it was some thing along the lines of music on your ipod is protected and it can not access it. A work around is you can download the program called Senuti and you can copy your files back on to your computer. I hope this helps


    Michael Thomas

    Here the answer of algoriddim.

    “Hi Michael,

    Thank you very much for your email!
    Please note that it’s not possible to use your iPod as an external library for djay Pro on your MacBook. Please move your library to iTunes on your MacBook and you’ll be able to use the tracks with djay Pro for macOS.

    We kindly ask for understanding.
    Feel free to contact me again whenever there is something you want to know about djay.

    Best regards,

    A call to apple support leaded to the same result. It’s not possible, to use the IPOD touch 128 6. generation as an external data source. I liked the former function with iPod classic, the iPod was like a hard disk. But ok, now I know, that apple doesn’t make very easy for dj’s


    As the guys at Algoriddim already stated, why not use the tracks while they are in your macbook air? Is it a space thing? In which case there are ways to set up an iTunes library on a regular external HD/SSD (cheap enough these days), point to it from your MB Air and then your DJ software should recognize it without a problem.

    This, btw, is NOT the same as syncing. I’d strongly suggest to use it as a totally separate and independent iTunes collection!

    You CAN still use it from different systems. Let’s say you have a powerful desktop computer that you use to buy and prep your tracks on, you can use the same iTunes collection by hooking up the external HD to it.
    There should be quite a few guides/vids on how to make this happen.


    Michael Thomas

    Hi, I’ve already found a solution,

    thanks for the help. Usually I do like that, iTunes library on my macbook air an using djay pro or ultramixer 5 prof., but sometimes I use different notebooks, software and equipment. In those situations I need an external data-source to use with iTunes (within my account) or also with mp3-files. With the old iPod classic it worked.

    The solution now is: Fuse for mac and iExplorer 4

    I’ve installed fuse on my mac,

    then I installed iExplorer 4 (it’s to download and order at fastspring.com), with that software you can mount the iPod like any usb-drive and use it with any dj software, only import the archive an browse in the iTunes libraries.



    Good news. Good luck with that!


    Good news. Good luck with that!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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