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    Nick Powers

    Which of these would you buy or do you have? What is good about it? What is bad?

    • Mikro
    • Mikro mk2
    • Maschine
    • Maschine mk2

    Thanks for the help I am deciding which to get



    Maschine Mk2, picked it up last weekend, one word - 'superb'. :)

    I'm a Reason user since v2.0 and bought this to sit along side exisiting production SW/HW but also to use in conjunction with Traktor. It really is an excellent bit of kit.



    Less customising can be done.
    Has no built in midi outputs, so can only use the USB to your laptop and not attach a midi master keyboard for example.
    Mikro has no direct push button access to group functions and you need to access the groups via a secondary key shortcut.
    Mikro cannot adjust multiple parameters at once, but you can add a secondary midi controller and do it from there.

    So all in all I would get the standard maschine if you care about those functions. If you just want to play around and use it as an F1 on steroids, then go for the micro.

    As for Mk I or II: If you like multi colored lights then go for Mk II, I can do without them, but the Mk II is more fancy.


    Nick Powers

    I think I will go for the Maschine then, and the only difference is the lights? What would be the benefit of having the colored lights?


    Reverse Effect

    The benefit of having Mikro MK1 or Maschine MK1 is not having the magnets for holding the faceplate.
    (metal particles gather in your gear?)


    Nick Powers

    Do expansion packs work with the mk1? Also, do the mk1 and mk2 pretty much do the same thing within the software? Sorry for all the questions but I want to be exactly sure what to get



    Well the colored lights give you a lot of "color coded" info for which you else would have to look on the screen or displays. Like modes and such. But it is something I would consider "nice to have" but not a dealbreaker if it is not there.
    The software features and expansion packs work on both. The only difference in the Mk II is that the knob arrangement is somewhat different, so accessing some functions is a little different in both generations, but everything is still there...


    Nick Powers

    Okay, thanks for answering my questions, I think I will go with the Mk1. I don't think the colored lights are worth that much money

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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