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    mArc P

    I am new to this world which will likely be obvious from the following question… Is the Numark M6 four channel mixer capable of playing a thru channel? Meaning, one that is not effected by the fader and will play regardless of where the fader is.

    I see that higher end mixers have a clearly stated A/B/Thru option and I wonder if the M6 can do the same. I run Traktor Scratch Pro with two vinyl decks and am hopeful that my Kontrol F1/remix decks can run through uninterrupted if I so choose.

    Thanks for any insight.


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    I have never played with one, but as far as I have seen it does not have a thru function.


    I don’t know of any mixer that let’s you play sound through a channel if the CHANNEL fader isn’t up.

    Now for CROSS-faders it’s different. Some mixers allow you to assign the A or B or Thru option per channel, allowing individual setting of the Cross fader assignment as you like. In the case of thru it means the Crossfader is effectively not used on that channel’s signal. But you would still need to have the channel fader up in order to get any sound.

    By the look of it the M6 does allow you to select one input channel on each side (AB) for the cross-fader, this would theoretically mean that the other non-selected channels will be thru by default.

    Hope that clarifies and helps some.


    mArc P

    Much appreciated Vintage. I see now how difficult the question is to answer without the cross/channel distinction. And having now read that “all non assigned channels stay active” in a digital copy of the M6 user manual, I see how illogical it would be for a channel to simply go dead when unassigned. Perhaps the fear of a new toy with the same limitations as my current two channel clouded my judgement 🙂 Thabks again for the info.


    I have the M6, chosen for it’s USB output, great for ripping vinyl into MP3 format. As Vintage said the Thu option is for the Cross Fader. I keep all my mixers on Thru as I don’t use a cross fader to mix. The M6 is a typical Mixer where you can assign Cross Fader left/Right to whatever channel you wish. As is the norm the channel fader has to be ‘up’ to hear the sound on that particular channel.


    DJ white whisky

    Thank for info

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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