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    Eoin Fenton

    Afternoon all,

    I come to you today with my conundrum – after much deliberation regarding my next controller upgrade, I have become stuck between these two controllers mentioned in the title.

    I’ve been DJing for approximately 2 and a half years now, having trusted in my Numark Mixtrack Pro since the beginning. Although it has served me well, enabling me to enter into the local DJ scene, catering for parties and clubs alike. As an avid Serato user, my next step was to look into the DDJ-S1, although many of the companies I did look into have recently discontinued it, which has led me to throw the SR into the equation. Although I do like to play around with the FX, loops and samples here and there, I’ve never considered it as a large feature of my sets, which has put me off the SR slightly due to it’s focus on exactly those three things – can anyone shed some insight into my dilemma? Do i pay slightly more for something I know I’ll be comfortable with (DDJ-s1), or branch out of my comfort zone slightly and go for the SR?


    Cheers in advance,

    Eoin Fenton.



    I would not go with the S1 since it is older and has less appeal.

    Yes the SR might have more features than you need at the moment, but nobody will hurt you if you use them rarely. You have the options to do so when the need shall ever arise and you have a brand new product.

    The simple workflows do still work the same as the basic CDJ layout is still there and the jogs are actually better than the S1 and have way more feel to them. So even for a simple workflow I would largely prefer the SR.


    DJ 2-Easy

    Why Pioneer?

    I was the same only looking at the Pioneer range. The SR is expensive if you are not going to use most of the features! I opted for a German companies Serato controller (i wont mention the name as i keep getting moderated when i do…. somebody must think i work for them or something haha)

    And i could not be happier with my purchase to be honest, loving it 🙂 Just got to learn how to use it now hahaha





    No problem I use a Terminal Mix 4 myself 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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