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    Warren Rockmacher

    A have a set up that I use only a few times a year – JBL EON 1500 speakers, Gemini 600 Amp and Behringer XENYX 502 Mixer. This is only used for small events where we want PA sound and music. I have been using the board with stereo set up in same channel (L/R input on board) and then out to the Gemini amp. I was told that this is “wrong” and I should be using 2 channels in mono Line 2 – for left channel and Line 4 for right channel. I was told to switch the amp from stereo to Parallel Mono. This would give me better sound. This doesn’t make sense to me. Thoughts?

    Question 2 – Since the new iPhone or iPad dont have a “line out” feature – what is the proper volume to set the iPhone to. I realize that the system is amplifying an already amplified signal, so I worry about distortion. I thought a low level volume would be correct, but again I was told to turn the volume on the phone all the way up and adjust the mixing board and amp accordingly. Thanks for the help.


    1) Since the 502 has balance knob for L/R balance, the only reason I could find for the double mono vs stereo argument is out the window. The mixer is designed to use channel 2/3 as stereo channel. There is no real reason to hook it up any other way. Imho, of course. In my defense, I AM a certified sound engineer too.
    Output is the same story. You get a separate L and R output signal, going into the L + R inputs on the amp. That is full stereo. The only extra option the amp might have, is the option to go into bridge mode, which mean you couple both amp channels into one mono channel. This would mean you need two identical amps.

    2) Yeah, that’s a bit of a tricky one. I think the headphone output on iDevices is below par. Using a low signal from the iDevice means you have to do more amplification on your mixer (channel gain up). Unfortunately when you amplify a signal, you also raise the noise floor, which is an unwanted side-effect. I would go full level or one step down on the iDevice and do the rest of your gain chaining on the mixer. I have not seen major distortion with the iDevice on max output level.

    If you want an iDevice as back-up solution this is fine. If you want to use an iDevice as a primary tool, you might want to start looking at solutions that add regular external sound card options.

    Hope that helps some.


    Warren Rockmacher

    Thanks – I have no idea what “Noise Floor” is. On the older iPhones you could plug an adapter into the 30 pin port and get “line out” un-amplified audio, which was perfect. iPhone 7 – with new type of “jack” You cant do that anymore. I guess the Same Holds true of you run audio out from a p.c. or mac from the headphone jack. No “line out” setting, so Volume all the way up?



    For iDevices yes. For computer/laptop outputs it could be different!


    Warren Rockmacher

    Dj Vintage – Thanks for the information. I still would like to know if there is a “device” or if someone has a better setup than just running an audio cable from an iPhone or iPad that will allow “line out” audio which will then be amplified by the system. Maybe I am a little confused -in the terminology – but I look at it like amplifying a signal coming out of an amp. I know that there is a big difference between the two because the iPhone isn’t really amplifying the signal. I think it would be the same setup as a pc – you are using a headphone jack with volume control on the pc. Therefore the pc is sending out an amplified signal to the amp. Hope this makes sense.


    Warren Rockmacher

    I am looking for a way to get a line level signal from the iPhone, iPad, or pc to my mixer and amp. I hope that clears it up.


    The headphone output is either optimized for headphone use (low impedance, relatively high voltage) or (like on a laptop) geared to be both a headphone/line level output. In the first case it’s not too suitable for line out, in the second case it’s a compromise that really doesn’t do either option much good.

    Like I said, on iDevice headphone use is fine, using the output into a mixer is possible but sub-optimal or worse. Good enough for emergency use or as backup or just very occasional use.

    To get true line level outputs from an iDevice, you either go for a USB sound card (hooked up to the Camera Connection kit, with the new iPhones probably directly from the usb-c connector) or something specific to integrate the iPad for example.
    For example:
    * iPad enable controller with built-in sound card
    * iPad integrated mixer (like the Mackie DL806)
    * Things like the Behringer iStudio IS202 (not sure about sound quality, low financial budget gear) or Alesis iO Dock II

    Your choice depends on th9ings like budget,exact purpose, your ears and such.

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