10 DJ Gift Ideas Part 3: Under $199

Joey Santos
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Last updated 7 August, 2017


Rock the party without breaking the bank in today's list made up of DJ gifts under US$150.
Rock the party without breaking the bank in today’s Christmas wishlist made up of spiffy DJ gifts under US$199.

In today’s DJ gift guide, we’ve listed 10 budget-friendlier bits of software, accessories, and DJ kit to stuff in your gig bag next time you head out for a show. We’ve got other Christmas lists with different budgets that you can check out as well, and you’ll find all the links to them at the bottom of this post.

Check out these sub-US$199 gift ideas…

10 DJ Gifts

1. Akai AFX

akai afx

Modular controllers for DJing seem to be making their way back into the mainstream, with devices like the Traktor Kontrol D2, Pioneer RMX-500, and this one from Akai Professional at the fore.

Instead of committing 100% to the DJ controller that you’ve got, the Akai AFX gives you greater access to Serato DJ’s effects section. A must for techno / househeads that rely on effects to create tension during performances.

Price: $199 / £82 / €113
Our full review: Akai Pro AFX Serato DJ Modular Controller

2. Crane Stand Elite

crane stand elite

For some reason, laptop stands sit near the bottom of want lists by DJs (I’m guilty of this). Maybe it’s the extra added expense for something that seems redundant (your controller is on top a surface already, after all. Why not just place your laptop on it?) but use one and you’ll realise just how essential it is in maximising even the tiniest of surfaces.

That’s not counting the hours you’ll spend not hunching over your laptop searching for a song. Get one this year – your back will thank you for it.

Price: $89 / £104 / €143
Our full review: Crane Stand Elite

3. Magma Riot Headphone Bag Pro

Magma Riot

Headphone bags used to be those awkward faux leather drawstring sacks. Not anymore – bag makers have been dishing out stylish and functional carry-ons that not only protect your cans, but other bits of DJ gear too.

This one by Magma in particular is an office favourite – we like it so much that we use it even for non DJ-releated endeavours. Makes a great satchel by day, and a useful DJ club gig pack by night.

Price: $79 / £49 / €68
Our full review: Magma Riot Headphone Bag Pro

4. Decksavers


Used to be that the only way you could keep dust away from your DJ gear was to keep it in a bag or a flight case.

Decksavers let you do it in style, and doubles as a cover for knobs, faders, and screens when you’ve got your gear in transport inside that bag or flight case. A necessity to keep your controller or mixer pristine even when you aren’t using it.

Prices available at: Decksaver

5. Reloop RHP-15

reloop rhp 15

We got these Reloop headphones earlier this year, and for the price they’re a steal – they look great, the pads are comfortable and go round your ear, and would make the ideal pair of headphones for bedroom DJs and your first handful of gigs. Once you’ve transitioned to playing more and larger shows, you won’t mind having these in your DJ bag as a backup pair too.

Price: $159 / £57
Our full review: Reloop RHP-15 Headphones

6. Chauvet Jam Pack Silver

Chauvet Jam pack mini lights

The easiest and cheapest way to add lighting effects to your DJ rig comes in this miniaturised kit from Chauvet. The Jam Pack Silver gives you several different lighting effects and an infrared remote to get the party started for a relatively small spend. Looking for lights? Look no further.

Price: $99 / £99
Our full review: Chauvet DJ Jam Pack Silver Mini Lights

7. UDG Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag

UDG Ulitimate DJ Headphone bag

Another headphone bag in our list, this time from UDG. It’s a little bit smaller than the aforementioned Magma bag, so it’ll appeal to DJs who want something that really isn’t much larger than the circumference of their headphones when unfolded. Holds USB keys, thumb drives, SD cards, and other small items you’d need at your gig.

Price: £24 / €33
Our full review: UDJ Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag

8. Numark HF350

Numark HF350

We liked this entry-level headphone from Numark, which really goes to show that you don’t have to spend all of last weekend’s fees just to get decent sound when mixing. It’s relatively light too, makes it a great second pair of headphones for your DJ bag, too.

Price: $99
Our full review: Numark HF350 Headphones

9. iMaschine 2

imaschine 2

Native Instruments just released the new version of its iMaschine iOS app, and this time the company’s made it even more powerful and a lot closer to being an all-in mobile production platform. It really shines on the iPad Pro, and I’ve been messing with it and found that I could make pretty sick beats straight out the box.

Price: $9.99

10. Mixed In Key Flow 8

Mixed in Key Flow 8

Lastly, we’ve got a brand new DJ app from the folks over at Mixed In Key, and as far as I know it’s the only DJ app that lets you mix with eight tracks simultaneously. You’ve also got access to live editing features to make cuts, mashups, and remixes while you’re DJing. It makes for some very creative mixes as long as you explore the possibilities that this type of blending could bring.

Price: $58
Our full review: Mixed In Key Flow 8 Deck DJ Software

All I Want For Christmas Is…

Up next, we’re going to take a look at some fun DJ gifts that would make ideal stocking stuffers. See you tomorrow!

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