I Think I Would Feel Stupid Digital DJing on an iPad…

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Last updated 2 December, 2017


Mixr on the iPad - Is it seriously going to be possible to "large it on the decks" with this?
Mixr on the iPad – Is it seriously going to be possible to “large it on the decks” with this?

Gizmodo recently posted on this intriguing forthcoming piece of digital DJing software for the just-launched Apple iPad. Plugging into the iTunes library onboard the iPad, Mixr seems to offer rudimentary DJ controls and suggests the ability to scratch those twin records by touching the glass.

Not sure how you’re meant to turn those rotary knobs though, and how you’d preview music and play to a crowd using just the one headphones output is anyone’s guess; two mono outputs and a splitter cable maybe?

Can’t see it being much fun to use but it certainly has novelty value. One thing made me smile, though: Reinforcing my feeling that CD DJing will end up being nothing more than a brief footnote in the rapid development of the hallowed art of spinning tunes, it is good to see that the designers have gone for duplicating the glamour of good ole’ vinyl in their product skin.

Of course, unless they’ve managed to program it as a plugin to iTunes, you’d guess that as soon as you navigate away from the application to, say, check your email (us laptop DJs love to check our email when we’re performing, y’know, just to annoy the purists) the music will stop due to the iPad’s inability to multitask…

Can’t see such software threatening the Seratos and Traktors of this world just yet!

Have you got an iPad? Have you played with the DJ software that’s hitting the market for it? What did you think? Does it have a future as a DJ platform?

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