Pioneer HDJ-500 DJ Headphones Announced

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 2 December, 2017


Pioneer HDJ-500 headphones come in three colours.

With similar looks to their top-of-the-range HDJ-2000s, the new Pioneer HDJ-500 headphones are certainly a good-looking addition to the company’s expanding range, with a number of features that ought to carve a niche in the mid-priced DJ headphone market.

Pioneer says that the construction emphasises snare and kick drums, “making it easier for the novice DJ to match the tempo of tracks”, and the right earpiece can be rotated up to 60º to allow monitoring on just one ear – the left one. (Good unless your monitor speaker happens to be on the left.)

The company claims “urethane pads” for a “snug fit” (let’s hope that means good noise isolation too), which are “wrapped in great quality leather” (that’s a nice touch).

Interchangeable cords
One unusual but welcome addition is the inclusion of two interchangeable cords, a coiled and a straight one. The coiled cord extends to three metres (good for freedom of movement in the DJ box), while the 1-metre straight cord is better for leisure listening.

With three colours to choose from, you can match your headphones to your DJ equipment – Vestax Typhoon owners might gravitate towards to red and black ones, for instance – although I feel the standard black/brushed metal pair are going to shift the most units for them.

No word on pricing or supply yet, but I would suspect these to come in around the US$100-US$150 mark, against US$249 for their older brother the HDJ-2000s.

Which headphones do you use? Have you actually tried this model? Let us know your thoughts.

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