Last updated 1 December, 2017


Crosley Revolution
The Crosley Revolution lets you keep spinning after you\’ve gone digital.

So, you’ve decided it’s time to switch to digital and get rid of all of those records. Congratulations, welcome to the 21st century!

Only thing is, there’s a box or two of vinyl you really don’t want to lose: The tune you searched for for 5 years and paid a week’s wages to get…. the 12″ your first love bought you… some acetates or white labels fellow DJs gave you “back in the day”… it’s understandable. We won’t hold it against you. Check out our quick Crosley Revolution review for an answer to your prayers…

OK, so you’re going to need something to play that box or two of vinyl you really couldn’t ditch on. And as nowadays you’re a portable digital DJ gear kind of person, you don’t really want a boring old record deck knocking around.

Well have no fear, because Crosley Radio have announced the Crosley Revolution, a battery-powered wireless USB turntable.

A turntable that’s also an FM transmitter!
This undeniably cool article has an integrated FM transmitter so you can “tune in” to your vinyl. It also has a USB connection, so with the accompanying software, you can rip the odd 12″ that comes your way..

If you just want to listen on headphones you can, and as it runs on six AA batteries, it can even accompany you to thrift shops and record fairs: Great if you can’t break the habit of crate-digging for old vinyl nuggets.

Let’s be honest, even in the digital world, this is pretty cool. The patent pending Crosley Revolution is available for $149.95 at

How do you keep your favourite sheets of vinyl in your life? Have you got one of these? Feel free to post your thoughts and reviews below.

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