How Often Do You Have An MP3 Spring Clean?

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 1 December, 2017


Recycled beats: How often do you clear out your MP3 playlist?
Recycled beats: How often do you clear out your MP3 playlist?

I have had a few weeks off DJing. My main residency ended at the start of September when the tourists went home (I play in a resort town), and what with my own holidays and some unlucky bad weather (my gigs tend to be on beach bar terraces), I’ve not actually played since then.┬áSo when it came to preparing my tunes for the Halloween gig I had booked, I was looking at lots of old, uninspiring music. The short of it was, I didn’t want to play most of it. I decided to be brutal – I cleared out a real big load of stuff to clear the way for the tunes I’ve been collecting since last DJing. I realised I tend to do this maybe three times a year – definitely some time after New Year, again before summer, and around now.

My question is: How often do you manage your current setlist? Do you even have a current setlist, or do you just lump all your tunes together and look through them by date added or something like that? (I like to tag them by venue/sound/gig because I play different styles.)

Are you brutal once in a while like me, or do you have a weekly “one-in, one-out” policy? How important do you think it is to file away tunes that are past their sell-by date and keep a lean, trim “current” set?

I’d be interested to hear your thinking and how you keep your digital DJ sets fresh.

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