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Last updated 30 November, 2017


It all seemed like such a good idea at the time… Altern8 and their rave masks.

From UK rave pioneers Orbital with their head torches, to Altern8 and their yellow dust inhaler preventers, to deadmau5 and his mouse mask, DJs and dance performer have often used head-worn devices to help make them more memorable when performing, and to differentiate themselves from their peers.

One such group who have made full use of headgear in their shows is Daft Punk.

Now, thanks to a graphic created by a member of TheDaftClub forum, you can trace the exciting history of Daft Punk’s helmets from 2001 to the present day.

Head on over to Gizmodo for the full story and access to the graphic.

Pioneer enter DJ controller market

This was the big news from NAMM, and here’s a video of one of their two new controllers, the DDJ-T1, courtesy of ProAudioStar:

Taken alongside the DDJ-S1, these two new DJ controllers have set the tech DJ web alight – they’re big news.

Basement Jaxx to score sci-fi movie

Speaking of Daft Punk, it seems that they’ve started a trend for dance music producers scoring movies. Hot on the heels of their Tron soundtrack, it seems that Basement Jaxx will also be going all cinematic on us. More from The Guardian newspaper:

Basement Jaxx to score film

Freejays and their impact

We’ve spoken about how to stop being a freejay on Digital DJ Tips before.. Now a Sacramento DJ, DJ Supe, has done some number crunching and come up with an argument as to exactly how much “freejays” are affecting working DJs.

It’s an interesting read, with some illuminating opinions in the comments. If you’ve ever thought about making any kind of DJing your career, it’s worth your time to check this post out:

PAYING DUES : Freejays & Their Impact!

Got any comments on any of the stories above? Let us know below.

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