How To Launch a Club Night – Part 2

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
Last updated 30 November, 2017


Club flyers of all types

This is a guest post by Digital DJ Tips editor, Phil Morse, for DJ Tech Tools

This time, we’re going to talk about music policy. Let’s level here – in some clubs, music policy just isn’t important. Celebrity joints, commercial dives, captive markets… in these places, the music often really isn’t high on the list of priorities for either the club owners or the audience.

But I’m gambling that in any night YOU launch, music is going to be paramount. You’ll be playing the tunes, to start with. I’ll also gamble that you’re looking for a crowd who know their music too. You’re trying to get something worthwhile going – otherwise, why take the risk? Read more on DJ Tech Tools

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