Your Questions: What Microphone Should I Get?

Last updated 28 November, 2017


Shure SM58 - the industry standard vocal microphone for generations.
Shure SM58 – the industry standard vocal microphone for generations.

Reader Gerry Brown writes: “Hi Digital DJ Tips. I’ve just got a quick question I’d like to ask you about dynamic microphones for DJ applications as I’m looking to buy one… will any in the US$50 to US$100 price range suit the purpose?I was going to pick up an AKG 4000s, but I couldn’t really find any DJ recommendations. I just want to incorporate some of my own vocals in to a DJ set…”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Hi Gerry. Assuming you don’t want a radio microphone and simply want a decent microphone that you can plug in to your DJ equipment to sing through, the Shure SM58 is the most popular live vocal microphone in the world – it’s nearly 50 years old and if it were me, I’d simply buy one of these.┬áIt will last you forever and you can forget about whether it’s up to the job or not the second you shell out the cash – it is!

A touch of reverb goes a long way…
Bear in mind that you’ll want to add some reverb at the very least to your vocal performance, so having a decent DJ controller that lets you add effects to the microphone (only the top-end controllers do), or alternatively plugging into a mixer than has built-in effects or some other way of adding reverb like in an effects send loop, is going to be essential.

If DJs just want a microphone to shout “last orders” or “it’s a sweat box out there, so take care!” then obviously any old microphone plugged into any old input will do – but for singing, it’s worth having a good one and thinking about how it’s routed so you can add the effects that’ll make it sound sweet.

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