Over To You: What’s The Best Software For Mobile DJs?

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
Mobile/event DJing Pro Software
Last updated 10 April, 2018


PCDJ's OOVJ video DJing system costs thousands... but what is the best mainstream DJ software for mobile?
PCDJ’s OOVJ video DJing system costs thousands… but what is the best mainstream DJ software for mobile?

Reader DJ Malarkey writes: “I have been a DJ since 1983 (you can imagine 😀 ) and now as a mobile DJing business owner I ask my DJs what software they like to use (since all of them use laptops for their shows). They all like something different, and that’s OK to me – I am a ‘whatever works for you’ kind of guy. Do you feel the same way, and what are your suggestions and opinions with regards to software and the mobile DJ?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

Unless you’re providing the gear, I think I agree with you – let them use what they want. If they’re comfortable and competent with what they use, why ask them to change? However, if you are providing the gear, it makes sense to standardise. But it’s true that for mobile DJ use, other factors rather than great effects or powerful sample decks take precedence – like ease of use, library controls, automations functions and so on.

For mobile DJs who want to beatmix, Virtual DJ seems the most popular, perhaps because it is easy to use, powerful, and it doesn’t have the same stigma in mobile circles as is sometimes attached to it by electronic dance music DJs. For non-mixing DJs, MegaSeg and PCDJ Red have their fans due to their automation functions, simpler controls and compatibility with rack-mounted DJ controllers.

Traktor Pro is really overkill for simple mobile use, being unneccessarily complex for this style of DJing (although Traktor LE isn’t) but Serato ITCH might appeal because there are some good hardware / software combinations available including the rack-mounted Denon DN-HC5000, for easy plug and play.

Mobile DJs: Would you advise DJ Malarkey to steer his DJs towards one type of software? What software do you use? Why? Any advice would be very welcome in the comments.

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