Preview & Video: Stanton Scratch DJ Academy MIX! Software

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Last updated 28 November, 2017


There’s a new kid on the block in the DJ software world, with Stanton Scratch DJ Academy MIX! due for imminent launch.

Rather than entering the crowded DJ controller software/live performance market, Stanton has partnered with the Scratch DJ Academy to target the less crowded mix automation arena. Watch the promo video above, and read on for more…

What is it?

Stanton Scratch DJ Academy MIX! Software allows beginner DJs to create their first mixtapes by piecing together a mix track by track, offering advice on matching BPM and musical keys. As such it allows complete novices to make passable mixtapes in a short space of time.

Users can decide which part of a song to mix into the next (or just let the software decide), and how long that mix should be, and let the software take care of the beatmatching and BPM adjustments, producing harmonic mixes easily and quickly.

Tracks can be moved around, removed and added until you are happy with your mix, which can them be exported as an MP3 or a WAV file for uploading to a mix hosting service, burning to CD or popping on your iPod.

What else is like this?

The software is most similar to Mixmeister or Pro Tools (when used to create DJ mixes), although it is much simpler for beginners to understand – and the fact that it is for beginners is underlined the involvement of the Scratch DJ Academy, which lends its name to the product.

Stanton & The Scratch Academy Mix! software

“Most of our beginner students are confused by the DJ software that is currently available in the marketplace,” explains Rob Principe, founder and owner of Scratch DJ Academy.

“MIX! offers a simple and intuitive way to mix your playlists and learn the DJ basics along the way. The result is an incredibly fun experience and a crash course into what DJing is all about.”

Offering advice on mixing musical theory and scratching in its prominent help section, the software allows beginners to get going fast, but would also be a useful tool for professionals wanting to get down a rough mix fast for further work or for live performance.

The software is compatible with Mac and PC, and will be available soon. Price to be confirmed. Look out for our full review on launch.

Would software that lets you quickly piece together a mixtape while learning the theory appeal to you? Could you see yourself using such software even as a pro, in order to quickly sketch out mixes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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