10 Commandments For Better Digital DJing, #7

Phil Morse | Read time: 3 mins
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Last updated 22 May, 2019


Yo sync or not to sync? The seventh commandment might have something to say about that…

Our seventh commandment is, maybe of all of them, the one that gets emotions up highest both among digital and vinyl/CD DJs, and also the one that has the steepest learning curve for digital DJs.

However, it’s something that most digital DJs will be called on to do at some point, and for that reason alone, it’s well worth putting the time in to teach yourself this particular skill.

Today’s commandment

Here it is, then:

Learn to beatmatch without your computer’s help.

It’s a biggie, definitely, for digital DJs used to hitting the “sync” button and letting the computer do the hard work, but as you’ll discover in today’s video, it’s well worth putting the effort in to learn it (plus we’ve got a simple low-tech trick to help you to do it…). Not to use all the time, you understand, but just to know for when it’s needed.

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Beatmatching is hard to do, and harder to teach. I’ve actually found a really good paid course on beatmatching (and other DJ skills), aimed at absolute beginners, which I’m dying to share with you. However, I’m current talking with its publisher about relaunching this particular guide with some added Digital DJ Tips material, to make it more useful for digital DJs, so watch this space for that.

But meanwhile, I’ve found something else that many of you may find useful if you’ve never learned to beatmatch.

The following video calls for you to set up your computer speakers and your DJ gear in the same place, and may take some juggling (and even some borrowing of speakers!) but I reckon it could be worth it if you’re looking for something to help that penny to drop about how beatmatching is done.

Just remember what I said in my video about covering up your BPMs, and nudging and timing. So here’s the video: what veteran web DJ tutor Ellaskins calls “the web’s first interactive beatmatching tutorial”!

Useful links

Here’s some stuff from the blog to help you get a handle on the subject, and get you started on practising it for yourself:

I can’t reiterate enough: Persevere a bit at a time with this one and you’ll get it in the end – and I promise you’ll be glad when you do.

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What are your views on our seventh commandment? Do you think it’s necessary for DJs to know how to beatmatch? Or are all the new tricks where DJing is really at nowadays? Please let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

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