Vorsprung Durch Technics: German Controller Stand Bosses Tight DJ Booths

Phil Morse | Read time: 2 mins
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Last updated 27 November, 2017


Throne Technics Turntable Cover

We get asked over and over again about the practicalities of setting up digital DJ gear in club DJ booths, the main problem often being how to balance controllers on existing record decks. So when we discovered these Throne Turntable Covers, we had to smile at this excellent piece of German design that solves the problem in a flash.

Turntable Cover Throne Traktor Kontrol S4 TTCOVER1210
They easily accommodate the Traktor Kontrol S4 and similar-sized controllers on a single turntable.

Whether you’re a DJ, a promoter or a venue owner, you can win friends by whipping out a pair of these at just the right moment.

Here’s how it works. These folding aluminium boxes, model TTCOVER1210, come in pairs, and two of them fit perfectly over a single Technics turntable, protecting the tonearm and platter and giving you – the digital DJ – a perfectly stable surface to put your controller on.

But it gets better. If your controller is large – like the [ns6] or the [ddj-t1], for instance – you can split the pair apart and balance one on each deck, allowing you to “straddle” the mixer with your controller. Or you can use two pairs for total protection. And if you DJ from a set of [x1] or [dn-sc2000] controllers, again they can happily sit either side of the mixer on their own half of the Throne pair.

Turntable Stands Split
Two Denon DN-SC2000s, one on each side, on a single pair of stands, split into two halves.

However, the deal-clincher for us is that they fold down flat and are lightweight and compact enough to fit in your laptop or kit bag and travel with you until needed. We’ve not seen these yet “in the flesh” so please don’t consider this a full review.

Nonetheless, we had to report straight away on what looks like a great solution to a problem that’s existed ever since digital first burst on to the scene. Kudos to Throne for a simple but ingenious idea.

• More details and online store at the Thronestands website. They’re €99.

Do these look like the answer to your DJ booth prayers? How do you get your gear to fit in cramped, unfriendly DJ boxes? Let us know in the comments!

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