DJs And Cars Don’t Mix – Official!

Phil Morse | Read time: < 1 min
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Last updated 27 November, 2017


Soundsystem car
I only use it at weekends and I park in my own garage… how come it costs me so much to insure my car then?

As far as car insurers are concerned, DJs are the most likely of all drivers to be involved in an accident, according to a report published this week. Because of this, mobile disco owners in the UK pay out as much as £6,809 (US$10,866) a year for their car insurance. That’s more even than professional footballers, or – truly upsettingly – nightclub owners / managers!

“Every insurance company has a whole list of professions based on the claims they have had in the past,” says Ian Crowder, spokesman for the UK’s Automobile Association.

“Mobile disco owners, for example, have a lot of valuable equipment in their car and are often driving late at night, which is the riskiest time to be on the roads. Airline pilots, on the other hand, have a responsible job, where they are used to concentrating for long periods of time, which may give them better skills as a driver.”

Airline pilots pay the least for their insurance – averaging £320 (US$511) a year. But there is a way out:

“If people choose to describe themselves a slightly different way, they may find their premium goes down,” says Mr Crowder.

“Dancefloor facilitator?”, anyone?

Are you a DJ by profession who’s struggled to get decent-priced car insurance? Can you think of any alternative ways to describe the job of “DJ” that might lead to a lower car insurance premium? Do you think the insurance industry is playing fair? Let us know your thoughts the comments.

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