Over To You: Help! I’m Sick Of CDs But Scared Of Computer DJing…

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Last updated 27 November, 2017


With Stanton’s SCS.4DJ you don’t need a laptop to perform… but you still need a computer to get the tunes on to the unit in the first place. Pic from: Skratchworxv

Reader Stuart Hickmen writes: “My set up currently consists of two 1210s, two CDJ 800s and a DDM400 Behringer mixer. I’ve had enough of burning CDs, when I find that after a while i only play 20-30% of the tunes on there.

“I would rather buy hardware that avoids the use of a laptop / software, but as I’m not technical, if I can’t just turn it on and play, I’m not interested, because any bugs I came across would jusy result in me just turning it off in a huff! What would you recommend?”

Digital DJ Tips says:

You could look at the Stanton SCS.4DJ which is an all-in-one controller, but you still need a laptop to get the music on there. To be honest a decent laptop/controller setup would be pretty reliable, and well worth the learning curve.

I recommend Serato ITCH if you really want it to “just work” – a VCI-300 plus a MacBook Pro is one of the most reliable computer DJ systems there is, and will allow you to “just spin” with a minimum of fuss.

However, I’m sure the readers have ideas too!

So – over to you. Can you help Stuart? Have you felt or do you feel the same way about computers? What was your solution? Please feel free to advise him in the comments.

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