The Kontrol S4 Clones Are Coming…

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Last updated 27 November, 2017


A new controller from DJ-Tech, as teased on the company’s Facebook page today – image enhanced by us.

It was probably inevitable that pro audio companies would look to the global success of the Traktor Kontrol S4 and wish to replicate its balance of features, which is at first analysis what DJ-Tech has done with this as-yet unnamed forthcoming controller. This picture, which appeared today on the company’s Facebook page, correspondingly displays a familiar S4-like design, with jogwheels pushed back, buttons taking pride of place at the front of each deck.

Promisingly, it also appears to show a high standard of construction, with brushed aluminium deck plates properly screwed down and no sign of DJ-Tech’s cheap silver plastic knobs. Other intriguing features seem to be real LED feedback on the controls (note the blue around the EQ knobs, and the LEDs around the knob in the middle of the picture), individual per-channel VU metering, and Pioneer-esque LED rings in the jogwheels to show transport.

As such if this is an S4-style controller in basic layout, at least it seems that it is also borrowing features from elsewhere to come up with something new. And knowing DJ-Tech, it won’t be expensive, so it could present an appealing proposition if the final design doesn’t drop any balls.

By the way the picture was labelled “2012 The Year Of Dragon”, so maybe this is going to be the “DJ-Tech Dragon” controller. The timing suggests we’ll see this at NAMM, so watch this space.

Have we missed anything? Have you heard any rumours about this or any other forthcoming products? Let us know in the comments!

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